I believe you can crush that feeling of overwhelm; I believe in ending the glorification of busy and I believe it’s possible to live a life that feels satisfying and happy. Why do I believe this? Because I’ve done it myself. And you can too.

I started my first business with $50 in seed money and a passion to make a better life for my family. Within a year, my husband, John, was able to quit corporate America forever. Today I run a 7 figure business with my husband by my side and I’m happier than ever. I owe it all to finding the unique productivity system that works for my life.

I want to help you tailor design a system for your life. My mission is to give you more than a productive life. I want you to have the beautiful life you deserve. I promise you, it’s possible.

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000: The Story Behind Productivity Paradox

Productivity strategist and coach Tonya Dalton welcomes you to “Productivity Paradox,” lets you know what she brings to the podcast, and what you can expect to learn. Tonya’s personal goal is to help you live the best life you can. She believes productivity needs to be customized and personalized to you, your personal goals, and the way you want to live. In this podcast, she’ll help you find and design systems that are customized to you, and she’ll do it in bite-sized episodes that are easy to listen to and easy to implement.