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10 Foolproof Productivity Freebies + Secrets

There is a LOT of information out there on productivity. Everything from what works best (“the #1 way to…”) to hundreds of “best-kept secrets” that will supposedly answer all of your questions.

Needless to say, a simple Google search can quickly turn overwhelming when you start to process all of this well-intentioned advice.

Productivity is more than just a planner

Whether you’ve been following us for awhile or you just discovered inkWELL Press, you probably know that we strive to do so much more than sell quality planners.

We also want to deliver quality information that enables you to:

  • set goals that are right for you
  • find harmony with your life and your priorities
  • live a life centered around your personal goals and priorities
  • focus on what matters and living with intention

This week, we’re featuring ten of our fool-proof productivity freebies and tips to help keep you motivated, focused, and living your happy life.

1. Create a Personal Mission Statement

Episode 004: Find Your North Star

In this episode, we go over what a mission statement is and how having a mission statement is going to help give you direction, gain insight into your life and will create more focus on your priorities. Learn how to find purpose through your personal mission statement by doing the activity listed in the episode.

2. Personalize Your Systems

Episode 027: Eating the Elephant

Here, we go over how using systems will positively affect productivity, relationships, and overall goals. You’ll learn how to personalize systems for you and your environment. Use the steps in the Resources & Links section to make your elephant into bite-sized pieces.

3. Work From a Priority List System

Episode 033: Why To-Do Lists Don’t Work

During this episode, we go over why the traditional to-do list doesn’t work, and how the Priority List System will actually allow you to work towards your personal goals. Don’t waste your time getting bogged down by insignificant tasks! Learn more about the three priority levels and how to make them work better for you than any to-do list.

4. Play Big in Business & Life

Episode 040: Working Towards Big Goals & Dreams

Here, I guide you through the questions you should ask yourself before and during your journey toward whatever it is you most want. Discover why your mindset if a powerful tool and examples of how others have shifted their paths and plans to make the journey more ideal for their lifestyle.

5. Uncover How to Move Forward

Episode 044: Making Time For Goals

During this episode, you guys had the opportunity to send in your own questions! I go over actionable strategies to create order in a crazy world, and advice on how to keep yourself moving forward when you feel overwhelmed. I also give you the 5 Steps For Managing Fear Worksheet and Action Roadmap Worksheet to help you stay mindful and intentional with your time so that projects don’t overlap and overwhelm you.

6. Discover Why Balance is Bogus

Episode 008: Finding Your Yes

Here, we dive deep into an easy strategy that will help you find your yes. Learn why balance is bogus and harmony is the ultimate goal. Download the Finding Your Yes Worksheet and start creating that harmony for yourself today.

7. Learn Why You Make Bad Decisions

Episode 016: How To Make Better Decisions

In this episode, I explain how ‘Sunk Cost Bias’ – or why something we are investing time in is just not working out and producing desired results – creates a vicious cycle. Learn the easy mindset shift that will reverse sunk cost bias.

8. Build Buffers into Your Life

Episode 018: Cushioning Your Time

Here, we explore how and why we need to stop underestimating our time and adjust to it instead. Learn about buffers and hear real life examples that will help you adjust to unexpected events. Don’t forget to download your Building Buffers Worksheet!

9. Make the Most of Your Time

Episode 022: Banking Time

In this episode, we go over five actionable tactics for baking up time so you can spend it on yourself and your priorities. We even share an app to aid you in this process!

10. Easily Batch Your Tasks

Episode 029: Batching Tasks

Learn how to categorize tasks so you can learn how to batch them. Batching tasks is a quick way to save time while producing higher quality work. Be sure to download the Batching Tasks Worksheet to help you!

I hope this round-up guides you on your journey to creating a more balanced, productive, and stress-free life. Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite tip or episode from the list is!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton