12 Family Tradition Ideas For the Whole Year

On Episode 088 of Productivity Paradox this week, we’re discussing the importance of traditions and how they can play a huge role in our overall happiness and productivity. So today, I wanted to take that idea one step further and share 12 traditions that you and your family can look forward to—no matter what month it is!

Let’s get started!

12 Family Tradition Ideas for the Whole Year


Prepare a Garden – The first day of Spring can be a day to celebrate—especially if you live in a cooler area and experience a lot of snow during the winter months. One fun idea to celebrate the newness that Spring brings is by preparing a small flower seed garden!

Once the seeds have sprouted and the ground has thawed, transplant your new garden outside and get ready to watch them bloom.


Decorate – I love getting my home prepared for any season at any time… but there’s something extra-special about the promise of Spring. A fun tradition that my kids and I have is to spend a weekend decorating our house for Easter!

But even if you don’t celebrate the Easter holiday itself, decorating with fun colors and spring flowers can be a great way to refresh your space and get excited for the summer season still-to-come.


Make May-Day Baskets – Another great way to celebrate the Spring season is by making May Day baskets! Get your family together and create fun gift baskets for friends or neighbors filled with candy and other fun treats. Then, spend a day delivering the baskets to celebrate the new season.



Go Camping – Summer is a great time to get outdoors, and one thing that I really love to do is to go camping. Why not make it a family tradition?

Pick a month during the summer and make a family camping trip a part of your traditions each year. Not only is it great to unplug and spend some time outdoors, but camping is also a great way to reconnect with your kids as they grow older—and it can give them something to look forward to doing themselves as adults!


Plan a Beach Trip – I am also a BIG fan of the beach! Who doesn’t like warm sand, sunshine, and cool, refreshing waves?

Grab your sunscreen, bathing suits, and all of those beach toys… and plan for a family trip to the beach each summer to celebrate the end of the school year!


Back-to-School Shopping Trip – As a kid, one of the things that I always looked forward to at the end of summer vacation was the annual back-to-school shopping trip that my mother and I took each year. It became a fun way to spend some time together while getting myself mentally prepared for the new school year… And it’s a tradition that I have since passed on to my own kids!



Apple Picking – Autumn is a great time for taking a trip to the apple orchard, and it is something that my kids and I look forward to every September.


Carve PumpkinsHalloween is one of my favorite holidays, because it’s such a fun, free-spirited time and I love choosing a costume each year.

One of the traditions that I’ve created with my family is annual pumpkin-carving! Each year, we visit a local pumpkin patch, and then we all carve jack-o-lanterns while enjoying a scary movie or listening to creepy haunted house music. It’s silly, but it’s so much fun to do together and puts a nice spin on Halloween each year.


Make a Gratitude Tree – November is generally a month that we attribute to giving thanks to the fortunes we have come across all year… So, one thing that I like to do is to create a gratitude tree with my family.

You can free-cut the shape of a tree with lots of branches from a brown 12″x12″ sheet of paper, then tape it to your dining room wall or attach it to the refrigerator. Cut out leaf shapes from various fall shades of paper.

Let each family member write something for which they are thankful on a leaf and attach to the tree with tape. Your tree will quickly take shape as the thankful leaves are added. You can add leaves daily during the month of November or you can do it as a one-day project with your extended family on Thanksgiving!



Holiday Dinner – No matter what holiday(s) you and your family celebrate, making a point to get together each and every year and to enjoy a big holiday meal together can be such a wonderful experience…

It’s something that I look forward to every year, and no matter how chaotic the holidays can be, all of the stress from the season seems to melt away the second I sit down with my family to enjoy a holiday feast together.


Family Snow Day – Even if you live in an area that doesn’t see much snow, planning for a family “snow day” each winter can be something to look forward to! Choose a day during the winter months, mark it on your calendar, and then break out the cocoa!


Volunteer – One of the biggest reasons that I enjoy the winter so much is because of the spirit of giving that the season usually brings. So, with that in mind, implementing a family day of volunteer work can be a great way to give back to your community while spending quality time with your family in the process.

Seek out a local shelter, soup kitchen, or your favorite charity and look for volunteer options… and then pick a day that you and your family will choose to volunteer some of your time each year. The experience is incredibly rewarding—and it can be a lot of fun to volunteer as a group!


BONUS: I have something special for you! I’ve created a downloadable guide to creating your own family traditions! If you’re already subscribed to my podcast or TonyaTV, you’ll get that in your inbox – if not, grab yours here!

Have some family traditions of your own? Share them in the comments below… And tune into Episode 088 of Productivity Paradox to learn a little more about the importance of traditions, and how they can impact our health, happiness, and productivity.




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