2 Easy Ways You Can Live the JOMO Life Every Day

There is this false belief in today’s world that, when we’re not busy, we’re somehow failing. But what I want to know is, how are we filling all of our busy minutes?

Are we filling our time with things that bring us joy? Are we filling it with our purpose, our passion, and our priorities—or is our time simply being filled? Are we just filling the minutes of our day, or are we filling our soul?

As Season 12 of Productivity Paradox kicks off with Episode 144 this week, our conversation shifts from making small changes for a big impact to the concepts that I discuss in my book, The Joy of Missing Out, which are all geared toward this idea of cultivating more joy in life…

And it has me thinking: how many of us feel ready to embrace the JOMO way of life right now? After all, this isn’t really something that today’s world regularly encourages, right?

Too often, busyness—keeping busy, just to keep moving—is the rule.

So, in the spirit of saying no to busyness and yes to filling our time with things that truly fulfill us instead, let’s take a peek at a few (easy) ways that we can live our life the JOMO way each and every day from here on out.

Ready to jump in?


2 Easy Ways to Live the JOMO Life


1. Unplug—

Do you remember how simple life felt–and, in a lot of cases, really was–before the age of social media crept in and took over?

Here’s the thing: social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and so on) are often at the root cause of the level of FOMO, or the fear of missing out, that we experience day in and day out.

When was the last time you took a break from your social media feed? It’s a question definitely worth considering, especially as we shift our focus over to embracing a little more JOMO each day.

When it comes to diving deep and getting in touch with the things that truly bring you joy and a sense of fulfillment, it’s crucial that you give yourself a break from the constant allure that social media brings… After all, if you’re always so focused on someone else’s life (ever notice how social media influencer’s pages always look so picture-perfect no matter what the caption says?) it’s hard to find the time to focus on yourself, right?

An easy way to embrace the JOMO lifestyle each day is to give yourself some relief from your social media feed. 

Now, this might mean that you take off an entire day (or week!) from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for example, or it might mean you’re unplugging for twenty minutes, thirty minutes, or even an hour at a time.

The main takeaway here is that the more you stay unplugged from what’s happening outside, the more you can focus your time and energy on what will make you feel happier and more fulfilled inside.


2. Schedule Some “Me Time” Each Day—

If we’re ever going to focus on things that truly bring us joy in life, then it’s pretty important that we give ourselves the grace to do it in the first place, right?

If the JOMO life is what you’re after, then first allow yourself the time and space to do the deep work that finding joy requires.

A few ways to give yourself time alone to do deep, reflective work might include: eating lunch by yourself each day (at a restaurant, or a park, or somewhere that allows you to think without distractions); taking a long walk around your neighborhood by yourself after dinner; scheduling five minutes of journaling each morning or evening before bed; and so on.

The more time you give yourself to just be yourself, by yourself, the easier it becomes to stop an episode of FOMO in its tracks.


How do you stop FOMO from taking over? Share any of your tips and tricks in the comments below…

Also, be sure to tune in to Episode 144 this week as we kick of Season 12 of the podcast, where we’re talking all about the ideas that I talk about in my book, The Joy of Missing Out, and the ways that we can all learn to be comfortable with making more space for joy in our lives each and every day…

AND, for even more #JOMOmovement and #JOMOlifestyle insight, head over to my latest TonyaTV episode where I’m sharing my reasons for writing The Joy of Missing Out, and more!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton