Plan with the new priority list in the 2018 liveWELL Daily Planner from inkWELL Press. Start focusing on priorities and setting goals fro 2018. Includes Daily planning pages, goal checkpoints, daily boxes, habit trackers, scheduling and more.

liveWELL Daily: Plan Your Days with the Priority List

Getting Started with the Daily

I’m so excited to have finally launched our IWP liveWELL Daily Planner for 2018! Just like our weekly planners, the Daily has goal setting and daily planning on thick luxurious 140 GSM paper with the best color printing available.

Unlike the bound weekly planners, the Daily is designed with a soft cover made from a beautiful wood grain texture that feels amazing. The undated page-per-day layout is designed to empower you to live a more rewarding, organized life… and it’s lay flat construction makes this a stylish planner that’s easy to write in each day (even if you are left handed!).

My goal for this Daily organizer is that it will help you set your goals with intention using goal setting features and daily habit trackers. It’s designed to help you live a life focused on your personal priorities and goals. With productivity features like the monthly Mission Board™ and the daily priority list organizer, this is the best planner to organize your busy life.

2018 Daily Planner to Boost Productivity

Daily Features

• 9×7 Pages Printed in Full Color Offset Printing

• Premium Thick 140 GSM Paper with No Bleed Through

• Heavy Weight 250 GSM Art Stock Cover with De-bossed Wood Texture

• 200 Pages Total – 184 Undated Page per Day Planning Pages

• Goal Setting Pages with 4 Mission Board™ Checkpoints

• Includes 16 Four Week Habit Trackers


The NEW Priority List in Your Daily

This new list is one of my favorite systems to use. I can already see others posting about it online and on social media, too. The NEW Priority List is included one each daily planning page of the liveWELL Daily Planner. It’s time for us to get rid of our to-do lists that just make us feel overwhelmed and unorganized, and start creating our personalized Priority List.

The best part about this list is that it’s a system that is waiting for you to use. With three levels of priorities, you’ll easily know where to put certain tasks and you can see where you should spend most of your time.

The Three Priority Levels:

  • Immediate: Important and Urgent
    • Examples might be a term paper with an eminent deadline, an email from your boss that requires you to work quickly on changes to a project, or your car breaking down.
    • You don’t want to spend all your time here because you’re working from an urgent, defensive place.
  • Important: Important and Non Urgent
    • Examples of priority two tasks include creating a budget plan, taking a course to improve yourself, working on long-term projects. These are personal priorities for YOU.
    • This is where you want to spend the majority of your time. These are tasks that are important because they work towards fulfilling your long term goals or your mission and they don’t have a pressing deadline.
  • Insignificant: Unimportant and Urgent
    • We want to spend as little time as possible in this tier. These tasks are still loud and urgent to finish but they don’t really help you focus on your mission or end goals.


What’s Next?

You can learn more about the new Priority List System by listening to episode 033: Why To-Do Lists Don’t Work – The Priority List. I give details, examples, tips and strategies for getting started with your new priority list. It’s easy AND rewarding.

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Feel satisfied and successful at the end of each day by using the new liveWELL Daily Planner from inkWELL Press. Complete with the NEW Priority Levels List, schedule, daily boxes, daily focus and more, become more productive and learn how to start working toward your goals today.


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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton