3 Ideas for Theming Your Days to Boost Productivity

Do you theme your days at home or at work to help you focus on the essential things and get more done each week?

If not, then it could be something you might want to consider.

This week on Episode 155 of the podcast, I sat down with Taska, an entrepreneur who is facing a curveball in her personal life that has her feeling off track and unsure about where to focus during her working hours.

The curveball, you ask? For starters, Tasks has found herself playing the role of personal caregiver to her mother, who is facing health issues. As a result, Taska has been feeling out of touch with the business side of things.

And if you’re at all like Taska with a lot on your plate, then I imagine that you’ve experienced a few hiccups trying to adjust and keep all of the things you’re juggling afloat at the same time too.

It happens! We’re only human.

Today, let’s take some of the overwhelm out of our days by talking about one of my favorite productivity-boosting strategies. And it’s all centered around “theming” our days to help us lean into the different tasks we have on our plates each week.

Now, if you tuned in to Episode 155 already, then you likely heard Taska and me talk about this a bit more during our conversation.

But whether you already tuned in to the episode or you plan on checking it out when you have more free time, I’ve got three simple ideas below to help you theme some of your days and get back on track with your planning, goals, and productivity.

Let’s get started!


3 Ideas for Theming Your Days to Boost Productivity

Magic Mondays –

I love the ambiguity of this one, don’t you? “Magic” Mondays just sounds so – well – magical! And not at all as intimidating as Mondays at the office or as CEO of the household often feel.

The beauty of adapting Magic Mondays into your schedule is that you have the freedom to define that first word any way you like, focusing on the top priorities and tasks you have going on at home, at work, or both!

Maybe when you design your Magic Mondays, it means that you’re monotasking.

In this way, you’re not running around directionless, unsure of where to start with a laundry list of items you have on your agenda for the week. You’re focused.

Taska and I discuss what I call the “vital few” items on her priority list to help her narrow the focus of her days (and determine what themes she could implement to cue her attention to those), and I want to encourage you to do the same here.

What are the few essential items you have on your priority list that will bring you a step closer to your goal, or to the completion of a project you’ve been working tirelessly on? Maybe these could be the “magic” (few) items you could dedicate some time every Monday to!

The possibilities here are, of course, endless. Don’t be afraid to have fun! Make your schedule and your themes work for you.


Work Together Wednesdays –

Do you see where I’m going with these titles yet? You can (and you should) adjust them however you wish and adapt them to your lifestyle, priorities, and so forth.

If we’re talking about this example, and if you’re a part of a team at work or a team at home, then this “Work Together Wednesdays” idea could mean that, on Wednesdays, your main focus is on tasks where delegation could be helpful. 

Think of things like getting the house clean or projects that require all hands on deck at the office. Bring your team – whatever it happens to be – together and narrow your focus to tasks where your delegation skills could be put to great use.

You might be surprised by how much your team can get done!


Financial Fridays – 

This is one that I love bringing into the fold of my day at the studio. Financial Fridays.

It’s the one day of the week where I sit down and take a look at all of my bills to map out what needs to be taken care of and when. And you know what? I’ve really started looking forward to them!

Theming my Fridays helps narrow my focus to my finances each week, and it has taken tons of stress off my plate during the rest of my week.

Think about it!

No more worrying about whether I remembered to pay the utility bill on this day or the Internet bill on that day; by devoting just one day each week to take care of anything money-related, I wind up saving so much more during all of the rest.

Do you “theme” your days at home or the office? What works best for you? Share some of the different things you do to narrow your focus to the most important tasks each day in the comments below …

And don’t forget to:

  • Tune in to Episode 155 of Productivity Paradox to hear more about Taska’s story and the tools we discussed to help her find more focus (and fight overwhelm) during her days and this busy season of life she finds herself in.
  • Purchase your Goal Setting Planner so you can focus in on 2020, with awareness on how you spend your time, so you can lean into each of the areas of your life to not only set goals but to truly achieve them!

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  • Amy Csizmar Dalal

    I started doing Theme Days this year at work, and it’s helped tremendously on those days where I find myself spinning my wheels. My themes are: Work-ahead Mondays, Deep Work Tuesdays, Catch Up Wednesdays, Meeting Thursdays, and Planning Fridays.

    December 31, 2019 at 2:57 pm

  • inkWELL Press

    Love ALL those themes! Such a smart move to create themes for your work!!

    January 6, 2020 at 10:01 am

  • Patrice Milton

    Can you elaborate on the first two themed days of the week (Monday and tuesday)? I am looking for some more inspiration in re-definingbmy days.

    January 18, 2020 at 9:33 am

Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton