3 Rules to Making Mindful Decisions (Even if they’re tough!)

This week on Episode 108 of the podcast we’re talking about feeling comfortable in the decisions that we make… and how to give ourselves the grace to stop asking permission from others when it comes to chasing down our dreams.

What I like most about this episode is that it touches on some of the challenges that so many of us experience when it comes to our decision-making. One of those challenges is a major point of discussion in this week’s episode (and is something that we touched on back on Episode 043), which is the idea of analysis paralysis.

What happens when we have a choice to make, but we find ourselves bombarded by all of the options in front of us? As many of you have told me since I started the podcast… the struggle when it comes to making choices can be so, so very real.

So today, I want to focus on ways that we can lessen the struggle that we all experience from time to time when it comes to making choices.

Let’s take a look at the 3 Rules to Making Mindful Decisions so that you can turn your analysis paralysis on its head… and get things done!


3 Rules to Making Mindful Decisions


1. Evaluate Each Choice Individually—

How do we evaluate each choice on your plate individually? Simple! Don’t do a side by side comparison and get caught up in the inconsequential details.

I know that it’s tempting to make a T-Chart and really look at the little minute details when we’re assessing more than one thing… But I want to encourage you to try to focus only on what you do like and don’t like about a choice, as if there are no other choices to be had.

If you’re looking at multiple options, treat each one as its own individual choice and go from there!


2. List the Must-Haves and the Nice-to-Haves Before You Decide—

This next rule is key: Pay attention to what you actually need or really want versus the things that aren’t necessary… don’t focus on things that you would consider to be nice to have.

In other words, don’t waste time on things that won’t really benefit you!


3. Look at the QUALITY, not just the Numeric Values—

Lastly, don’t forget to place value on things like happiness, less stress or time spent with family… all things that can boost the quality of a choice you’re considering.

Try taking monetary value out of the mix and instead evaluate your options based on the attributes that you’re really seeking. Think about what you really want… and ask yourself, does this fulfill those wants and needs that you really have?

So, that’s three really quick and easy ways that you can begin to feel a little bit more confident with your decision-making process. And, I think that is really so important because if you’re looking for someone to buy-in to your big dreams or the plans you have in mind, even if that person you’re looking to buy-in is yourself… then it really is good to feel like you have made the right decision!


Beyond the three rules I’ve outlined above, what are some of the ways that you approach your decision-making? If you have any tried and true methods that have helped you to be more mindful when it comes to making choices, then I would love to hear about them!

Share your ideas in the comments below… And be sure to tune in to Episode 108 of the podcast this week for even more conversation on how to feel confident in the choices that we make, and how to get others to buy-in to our big dreams and plans!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton