3 Steps to Creating a Plan for Your Future

This week on Episode 143 of Productivity Paradox, we’re diving into the idea of making a leap toward our biggest dreams, and it really has me thinking about how many of us are truly comfortable with taking those first few steps toward personal (and even professional) success and fulfillment.

When you look ahead, how prepared do you feel to take on the challenge of chasing down your dreams, whatever they may be?

If you answered with a bit of hesitance there, then rest assured that you’re certainly not alone.

After all, taking the first step toward any big goal or dream we have in mind can be super scary–especially if, by doing so, it means that we’re faced with the challenge of saying goodbye to parts of our life right now that just aren’t fulfilling us the way that we want them to.

What this essentially boils down to is the importance of making bold moves in our life with confidence, so that we can move beyond the fear and uneasiness that crops up when we consider making a change (big or small), and step out of our comfort zone just enough to truly make an impact on our life.

And while we talk more about this on the podcast this week, I thought I might take some time today to really focus in on how we can rise above those uneasy feelings by creating a plan for ourselves–for our future–that will give us the confidence we need, make us feel better prepared for the journey ahead, and will put a little spring in the very first step that we take toward our biggest, wildest dreams yet.

Ready to jump in?


3 Steps to Creating a Plan for Your Future


1. Begin with the End in Mind–

When you’re making a plan to work through your risk and your rewards as they relate to going after your biggest dreams, I like to start with the end in mind.

Envisioning your future self or what your end game will look like will help you carve out a more concise path to get you there!

Think of it as starting at the end of a treasure map where the treasure is, and then locating your pushing off point and mapping out an action to get you from the here and now to the reward, to that treasure you want.

Once you have your pushing off point in mind (Point A), it’s important to consider the path that will take you from Point A to Point B.

What are the obstacles blocking your path (if any), and how might you be able to pivot around them successfully? Taking that one step further, what choices might you need to make in order to make the navigation of that path a possibility for you?
Having an idea as to the direction you need to take in mind will ultimately help you create an action plan for yourself to ensure that your journey from A to B is possible.


2. Start Small–

Unsure about what that first step might look like? You’re not alone!

We tend to think that big moves need to happen fast, but I’m happy to tell you right now that that’s just not true. At all. In fact, when it comes to making a plan for your future, more often than not starting small is the best course of action!

And this is especially true if you’re someone who shys away from taking risks.

When you’re mapping out your future, try pushing yourself toward trying some smaller things that are risky outside of your comfort zone–small steps that will still push you toward your dreams, but that won’t feel so insurmountable or scary to take on.

In effect, the small risks you take will become the stepping stones, the breadcrumbs, that will lead you to your end goal.

The more you get your head around the idea that some risks are okay and that you will come out on the other side, the easier it will be to let go and continue to crush your goals along your journey in the pursuit of your dreams.


3. Get Comfortable with Failure–

Here’s something to keep in mind: at one point or another, you’re going to be met with failure. It’s true!

And I know that seems harsh, but it’s a hard fact of life that we all need to learn how to embrace one way or another (so why not start now?).

Every successful person, every successful risk-taker has experienced some failure along the way. Small, medium, and even giant-sized heaps of failure–including me!

So, when it comes to creating your plan for the future, know that failure is always a possibility in everything you do (or plan to do), and then come up with a strategy on how to handle failures when you’re faced with them.

Being mentally prepared for the possibility of failure is going to help you make positive risk-taking decisions, which will help you pivot and rise above any obstacles that life throws at you.

The more you’re able to prepare for and even learn from failure, the easier it will be for you to continue to take the necessary risks that will lead you to where you want to be in your future.


Have you started a plan for your future? What are some tried and true methods and strategies that helped you chart the course? Share your experiences in the comments below…

And be sure to check out Episode 143 of the podcast this week as we round out Season 11 to hear even more about the importance of overcoming fear in order to take the first leap toward the big impact we want to make in life!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton