3 Ways To Carve Out Time For Your Passion Project

Earlier this month in my Facebook group, liveWELL with Tonya Dalton, we started in on a month-long challenge geared toward helping us figure out how to dig in a little deeper over these warm summer months so that we can find some time to focus on a fun project that we’ve been putting off for one of our “somedays”…

And let me tell you, it’s been so much fun figuring out exactly what it is that I want to accomplish for my own project during the challenge!

So much so, that it got me thinking about how we might best find the time that we need to focus on even more of those projects that somehow always make their way to the back burner of every-day life—those projects that we’re always so excited about when we dream them up, and that we yearn to get started on because, as it turns out, those are the projects that are most closely aligned with the things we’re truly passionate about.

As we kick off Season 11 of Productivity Paradox with Episode 131 this week, our conversation focuses on reclaiming our lost dreams: steps we can take to ignite the fire inside of us that encourages us to keep going, and how we can ensure that we are cultivating that fire as we continue to reclaim all of those projects, goals, and big dreams that seemed to have fallen to the wayside somewhere along the way.

So today, I want to take our conversation from the episode a little bit further by talking about how we can carve out the time that we need in our day, in our week (and so on), to make sure we don’t ever feel like we need to put our passion project on the back burner – ever again!

Ready to get started?


3 Ways to Carve Out Time for Your Passion Project


1. Rethink Your Evening Routine –

Whether you work full or part-time during the day for yourself or for someone else, here’s the thing: The second that you check out of work mode for the day, what happens during the time that you spend between that second and the moment that you get to bed is entirely up to you!

Don’t be afraid to schedule time into your evening routine to focus on YOU.

And if you have kids, then you may be thinking something like, That sounds nice, but it’s not like I can spend hours and hours doing what I want when I have to feed the kids, help them with homework, and get them off to bed every night…

Believe me, I totally hear you there! No matter if your kids are big or small, there is no shortage of things that they need from us as parents… and any evening spent at home is certainly not always stockpiled with time that we can spend alone.

But what happens when the kids have gone off to bed?

When it comes to carving out some time for yourself to focus on that project that you’re passionate about, one of the simplest ways to squeeze in an extra thirty minutes, an hour, or more is to rethink the way that you approach your evenings.

Would it be possible for you to take an extra hour after the kids have gone off to bed, one or two nights a week, to spend time working on a project you’ve been putting off for “someday”?

If after the kids go off to bed isn’t ideal, then would it be an option for your partner to take sole responsibility of seeing to the kids’ needs during the time you set aside to spend on your project? In an arrangement like this, you could then give your partner some “time off” from their parenting role so that they can spend time doing something that they love in return, as well!


2. Adjust Your Morning Alarm –

We’ve talked about the benefits of waking up a bit earlier each day before, so it probably comes as no surprise that, by adjusting our alarm clocks so that we wake up before the chaos of our day-to-day begins, it’s possible that we can find the extra time we need to prioritize ourselves by giving ourselves the grace to dive into our passion project!

Call me crazy, but I love waking up before everyone else in my house does. There’s something so calming about rising before the sun has fully come up, and I love how the tranquility I feel from that time of day sets the tone for my motivation.

The earlier I’m up, the easier it is for me to sit down and focus my energy on the things I’m most passionate about (in fact, adjusting my alarm clock is what helped me to write my book, The Joy of Missing Out!).

So, if you’re looking for a little bit of extra time in your day, why not take a look and see if there’s some wiggle room in your schedule to wake up just a bit earlier?

Give it a try for a week and see what happens!


3. Give Yourself a Recess –

Remember how much fun recess was in grade school? Why not carry that same idea over in your daily schedule?

Take a peek at your day-to-day and try to zero in on where you might be able to schedule a block of time to spend doing exactly what it is that you want to do…

Remember how fond I am of time-blocking? For some extra help in finding the space you need to devote to your project, even if only for one or two days each week, tune in to Episode 094 for a refresh!

Even if you’re still telling yourself that there’s no possible way, there’s no wiggle room in your schedule as it is right now, to get started on pursuing your passion project… fear not.

In my experience, the more you allow yourself to simply think about the one thing you’ve been dying to get started on, the one thing that is truly in line with who you are at your core and what makes your heart sing, then chances are… it will come looking for you – and it will encourage you to find the time you need to devote some energy to it, one way or another!


But if you’ve already started in on a project you’re passionate about, then I’m curious: What are some ways that have helped you find the time you need to dig in? Share your tips and your experiences in the comments below…

And tune in to Episode 131 of the podcast while we focus on how we can put ourselves on the path toward the life we’ve always wanted by learning how to reclaim our lost dreams – and more!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton