4 Ways You Can Expand Your Time

What if I told you that you don’t need as much time as you think you do; that you actually have all the time you truly need, right now? 

If you’re someone that has a million tasks, responsibilities, and other things on your plate at home or work, then it’s probably fair to say that you don’t believe that statement. But it’s true! 

We all have all of the time that we need to chase after (and achieve!) our goals, big dreams, and other aspirations. We just need to tap into it and realize its full potential.

This week on Episode 156 of the podcast, I am talking all about how to prioritize yourself by learning how to say “no” to others so that you can say “yes” to yourself instead. 

I’m also diving into five ways you can intentionally make time for your goals by rethinking the pockets of time you have, cutting out time-wasters, and letting go of distractions that hinder your success!

So today, I want to take a peek at some of the ways that we can expand the time that we already have because as we start setting goals and striving for the success we want, I think it’s an important reminder: you have all of the time you need to achieve whatever you set out to do. 

But sometimes, finding ways to utilize that time to the best advantage can be a bit difficult, can’t it? And this is especially true if we are unsure of where to start.

So without further ado, let’s dive in! 


4 Ways You Can Expand Your Time

Lean on Your Team –

In my experience, when it comes to expanding our time, we often overlook one of the biggest time-savers we have: our team. 

Now, I know that, for some of you, when you hear or see the word “team,” you assume that it only applies to people that go off to work in an office (or wherever!) every day, five days a week. But again, that’s just not true.

Even if you’re the CEO of your household, you still have a team! It could be your spouse, your kids, other members of your family, your friends, church or community group, and so forth. 

We are all a part of a team, in one form or another! 

Don’t be afraid to lean on yours when you need to, whether this means you’re delegating specific tasks to your work associates or assigning your kids at home with chores so that you can make more time doing what you need to bring you closer to your goals.

The more you’re able to gain support from those around you, the easier it becomes to expand your own time each day.


Give Yourself Containers –

I talk about this a bit more on the episode this week, so I’ll recap quickly here. 

Giving yourself containers of time essentially means that, however long you allow yourself to work on specific tasks is precisely how long you should spend on them. 

Incorporating these containers, however big or small you deem fit, allows you to free up some of your time elsewhere. 

Think of it this way. If you don’t limit (i.e., contain) how much time you’re spending on a task, it becomes super easy to let even the smallest, most insignificant things dictate your entire day, week, and so forth. And that’s when we run into trouble and start to believe that we don’t have enough time to focus on our goals and the things that matter most to us.

These “containers” help keep all of the often mundane or unimportant busyness we experience at bay. (Tune in to Episode 156 for more details here and how it all relates to Parkinson’s Law!)


Use Habits to Your Advantage –

You know I love a good habit. They take some of the guesswork out of our days when they’re aligned with our goals and priorities.

Not only that, but having a few great habits in place can make all the difference when it comes to finding the time you need to focus on your big dreams – or even just yourself and your self-care for a change!

So, what habits do you have in place to help you save some time so that you can expand upon it when and where this idea of having “more time” is necessary? 

Set yourself up with a solid morning and evening routine, and I promise you’ll start finding a little more spring in your step each day and the vigor you need to really dive in and focus. 


Find (and Claim) Your Small Pockets –

We all have these small pockets of time at our disposal. Find them, claim them; use them to your advantage!

For example, maybe you arrive at your work meeting five or ten minutes earlier than expected. There’s a pocket of time.

Perhaps you finish a project with a half an hour to spare. There’s another pocket of time. Or maybe, just maybe, you finish your dinner ten minutes sooner than you anticipated. There’s yet another pocket to claim!

The point is that these little tiny pockets are undervalued.

We think they’re too small to make any real gains, but here’s the truth: these little “scraps,” they add up. Make sure you’re putting them to the best use when you find them.


What are your favorite ways to expand your time at home or the office? Share your favorite time management tips, tricks, and systems in the comments below…

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