5 Habits of Successful People at Work

Habits. Creating them and keeping them can be a challenge, right?

Working to overcome some of the stumbling blocks we often encounter when creating and implementing new habits into our everyday lives is up for discussion on Episode 153 of the podcast this week. And with good reason!

If you’ve already caught the episode, then I hope that you enjoyed tuning in to my conversation with, Brenda, a super hilarious, down-to-earth individual who, as of late, has been struggling to navigate her desire to incorporate new, healthy habits into her lifestyle.

You see, Brenda has a mission to back away from her everyday job so that she can pursue ministry, one of her biggest passions in life, instead – which is great! But she has been at a standstill with a few habits she wants to add into the mix of her day-to-day that will push her closer to her goals long-term.

During our chat, we touch on one of my favorite methods to making habits stick, the 3 R’s, and we dive in a little bit deeper to Brenda’s reasoning for her desire to create the habits she mentions.

So today, I want to take a peek at some examples of healthy habits that not only work from an everyday, personal sense, but that also serve us well in the working world.

After all, it’s always nice to see what has been working for other successful professionals if we’re feeling at a loss on where to go with our own healthy habits and other routines, right? I think so!

Let’s get started!


5 Habits of Successful People at Work

They Prioritize – 

I am sure you are well aware by now how much I love that word: prioritize. It is one of the keys to any successful goal-setting and, as it turns out, to leading a successful life in general.

If we want to get ahead of the game at work, at home, and everywhere in-between, then it’s critical that we become comfortable with prioritizing the time that we have in each of our “life buckets.”

There’s no other way around it! Prioritizing is important, and it’s another point to Episode 153 this week where Brenda and I dig into what I consider to be the “vital few” in regard to the tasks we have on our plate.

Too often, we allow our laundry list of tasks to complete work against us. We fall into the mindset of staying busy so that we can – ideally – make some sort of dent in that list of items, but it seldom works out that way.

Because here’s the thing (and this is especially true at work): life is always going to be full of tasks! As soon as we finish all of the laundry at home and all of the paperwork at the office, it’s as if more appears out of thin air to start the cycle all over again.

So, rather than falling victim to the belief that you need to learn to prioritize everything all at once, focus on the vital few tasks – the few tasks that are going to springboard you to the greatest level of success – instead.


They Plan Ahead –

This one can be tricky, so let me clarify.

When it comes to work responsibilities, the most success happens when we take the time to map out what our days as much as possible.

This does not mean that you’re sitting down at the start of the week, let’s say, and try to nail all of the hours you have to spend at work that week minute by minute.

In fact, please don’t! Because we all know that even the best laid plans can spin out of control from time to time.

What I mean by planning ahead here is that there is some sort of intention happening with how the most successful people spend their time while they’re at work. 

They have a general scope of the vital few priorities they need to focus on, and they do their best to determine at one point in the day can they provide those items with their complete attention.

What might this look like for you? Try a few methods and see what you like best. Remember, productivity and the systems we use should be customized to you and your needs, not the other way around.

For me, I enjoy planning my day as it comes. When I get to the studio, I look at my master task list, and I determine what my vital few tasks are for the day. I then assign them using the Priority List Inserts from IWP, which I keep as a supplement to my Daily Planner.

But, it’s like I said: you need to do what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to explore your options!


They Hold Themselves Accountable – 

We recently touched on the importance of finding an accountability partner, and I really want to encourage you to follow through with it on your end if success is something you’re vying for at home and at work.

If you recall, having an accountability partner can give you the boost of pressure (and motivation by extension) that you can benefit from in the pursuit of your goals. 

Having someone in your corner to lend you support and to remind you to refocus your energy when you start veering off track can make all of the difference when it comes to achieving the things you set out to do.

And if you’re struggling to get started on finding a solid accountability for yourself, then fear not! We go over a few ideas back on Episode 152 of Productivity Paradox!


They Make Time for Self-Care –

You might think this sounds a bit woo-woo when much of our focus is on habits of successful people “at work,” but hear me out.

Self-care doesn’t necessarily have to happen in your personal life or exclusively at home at all. Self-care is one of those things that isn’t bound by anything specific, but lies in how YOU choose to define it. 

What are some self-care items you can implement into your workday?

For starters, you can make it a point to take breaks throughout the day, like you deserve. And you can make it a habit to take the full hour you’re given to step away from your desk to enjoy your meal during lunch.

Remember, your brain benefits from those moments of reprieve between tasks that require our complete focus!

Whatever activities you choose to ensure that you’re carving out a little bit of time each day for self-care at the office will work just fine. The only critical element here is that you actually give yourself the time you need (i.e., deserve) in the first place!


They Read (a lot!) –

You may consider reading to be a form of self-care, and if you do, I think that’s great!

But I also understand that, for some of you, this one may seem downright impossible to accomplish given your existing schedule.

Whether you fall to the former or latter side, I want to point out that one of the best habits that we can implement for ourselves is reading. (And while it may seem impossible to implement a solid reading habit, I assure you it’s possible.)

Reading is one of those things that allows us to satiate the side of our brain that loves to learn, while giving us the opportunity we need to relax as well.

And, I don’t know about you but, for me, there’s nothing quite like diving into a good book for a boost of inspiration or motivation to keep chasing our dreams. (Which reminds me, have you picked up your copy of The Joy of Missing Out yet?)

I encourage you to add this habit into the mix of your world at home, at work, or both, if you haven’t already!


What habits do you employ at work? Share some of yours in the comments below.

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