5 Steps to Finding Courage Through Your Fears

Are you letting your fears hold you back from leading the life you truly want? If this sounds like you, then rest assured… You’re not alone in your struggle!

For so many of us, fear can be a completely debilitating obstacle that we struggle with each and every day… and this is especially true when it comes to getting started on our goals and the big dreams we have in mind.

But did you know that your fear doesn’t have to hold you back from accomplishing what you want? This is the main topic of our discussion on Episode 115 of Productivity Paradox this week, and because I know that so many of us struggle with finding the courage that we need to face our fears… I wanted to take some time today to talk about a few steps that I didn’t mention on the podcast that we can take to make sure we aren’t allowing our fears to thwart the beautiful life we envision for ourselves.

So on that note, let’s take a look at 5 simple Steps that you can take to fast-track your way to finding the courage that you need to face your fears dead on!

5 Steps to Overcoming Fear


Step 1 – Accept It!

We touch on the concept of fearlessness on the podcast, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that… No matter how tough we think that we are, each and every one of us experiences some form of fear from time to time. It’s a completely natural part of life, just like any other emotion that we go through!

So the very first step to finding the courage necessary to face your fears? Simple: Accept that you’re feeling fearful of something from the get-go.

By accepting that it’s your fears that are holding you back, you’ll be better able to assess how deep those fears go… and come up with a plan of action to overcome them.


Step 2 – Identify It!

I talk about the two categories that I like to use to identify my fears (perception fears and physical fears) and the differences between them on Episode 115 this week, but no matter how you choose to identify your fears… It’s important that you do!

In order to leverage the courage that you need to face your fears head on, you need to be comfortable with sitting with them long enough to identify them and assess exactly where they are coming from.

This will help you separate reasonable, or more substantial, fear from those that are a bit more irrational and to come up with a plan to overcome them!


Step 3 – Let Yourself Experience It!

Ignoring your fears won’t make them go away, and analyzing them too much (for some of us) could make them seem more significant or insurmountable than they actually are.

So if imagining different ways around your fear doesn’t vibe with your personality, then I want to encourage you to learn to embrace your fears whenever they crop up.

Give yourself the space to sit with the uneasiness that fear can bring so that you can gently say “Goodbye” to your fears when it’s time to move forward.

Remember: Emotions come and go… and not all of them are pleasant! But pretending like those unpleasant moments don’t exist won’t make mustering up the courage you need to move on any easier in the long-term.


Step 4 – Face It!

Okay, so you’ve accepted that your fears are cropping up to throw you off track, you’ve identified where those fears are coming from (and why they might be here to ruin your day), and you’ve given yourself time to sit with the discomfort that those fears bring… Now what?

This might be one of the most difficult steps to tackle (and if this sounds true for you, then I totally hear you!), but I promise you that you’ll survive: It’s time to face your fears.

Unsure of how to tackle this step? I’ve got a download here to help… And to put it to really good use, just head over to Episode 115 for the step-by-step breakdown of how to fill it in!


Step 5 – Practice It!

Instead of thinking of fear as this completely unsettling, out-of-body experience, I want to encourage you to look at facing and overcoming your fears as a skill that you can cultivate.

The more you familiarize yourself with steps to leverage courage in the face of fear, the more comfortable you’ll feel tackling your fears head on when they arise.

It takes some patience, but with plenty of practice… I promise that you’ll be able to find the courage you need to recover quicker and move forward from your fears so that you can get back to living the beautiful life that you imagine!


How have you let your fears hold you back in the past, and how might you be letting your fears keep you from chasing your biggest dreams today? Share your experiences and any tips you might have for overcoming fear in the comments below… And tune in to Episode 115 for even more insight into how you can find the courage you need to rise to the occasion when your fears come knocking at your door.

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton