5 Things You Should Do When You Get To Work in the Morning

We’re talking all about the research behind our mornings and how our morning routine can set the tone for how our brain functions at an optimal level throughout the day on Episode 121 of the podcast this week…

So, I want to know, how many of you have morning routines that transcend from your home life to your working life that set you up for a successful, productive day at work?

Routines are often imperative when it comes to setting intentional goals that we can accomplish whether we’re talking about goals that we have at home or at the office, so with that in mind… Why should our morning routines stop the moment that we leave for work each day?

Many of you have voiced concerns over your lack of consistency in the workplace, so in that light, I thought this week would be a great time to focus on just five things that you can do to set your day up for success when you get to work in the morning!

Let’s take a look!

5 Things You Should Do

When You Get to Work Each Morning


1. Put Your Phone Away—

We have talked about how addicting the phone can be, and we’ve also talked about how disrupting it can be when we’re trying to dive in and really get some focused work done. So with that in mind, put your phone away when you get to your office in the morning.

There’s a reason that the phrase out of sight, out of mind is so popular… More often than not, it works! So, keep your phone time to a minimum by saving it for your lunch hour or breaks in between tasks, and start your day out on the right foot by just saying no to extra screen time at the office.


2. Prepare Your Workspace –

How motivated do you feel to get started on your work tasks when your workspace is in disarray?

Put a positive spin on your workday by preparing your workspace before you dive into any tasks, especially those that require some deep focused work. Make sure the surface area of your desk is neat and organized, and that you have all of the materials you need for the tasks ahead.

The less time you spend scrambling to get everything in order when you switch from one task to another, the easier it will be to focus when it’s time to get to work!


3. Start with a Clean Slate –

Of course, I understand that you may have to attend to projects or discussions that rolled over from the previous afternoon—but the main idea here is that you should try to treat each day as a fresh one! Doing so will help you approach your work from a positive place, no matter what you have on your plate.

Leave anything of lesser-importance lingering from yesterday behind and tap into what’s happening at the outset of the day instead!


4. Consult Your Priority List –

Your priority list will be a huge help when it comes to starting fresh… Chances are, if you’re organizing your day with intention and are arranging your work tasks by value and importance, then you likely won’t run into too many things lingering from the day before.

Consult your priority list before you dive in so that you can be sure that you’re spending your time on important items that will add to the increase in your effectiveness and productivity at work!

Don’t have a priority list? Refer to Episodes 033 and 062 for some help to get started on yours!


5. Schedule Your Day (with Breaks!) –

If you want to be really effective with your time without completely zapping your energy in the process, then it’s important that you schedule your day with the intention of boosting your productivity… which means, don’t skimp on those breaks in between tasks!

Part of the reason that we run the risk of burning out by the time that our workday is through is because we don’t allow ourselves (our brain) the time it needs to decompress between periods that we’re engaged in really focused work.

To help schedule your day and set yourself up for success, make sure that you’re referring to your priority list each day. What are the items on your list that absolutely need to be accomplished by the time the day is through?


(NOTE: IWP has a Daily Docket notepad and a Weekly Kickstart notepad to help make your daily planning at work easier. Check them out!)

Allow plenty of blocks of time for those, and schedule blocks of time for a few five, ten, or fifteen-minute breaks to give yourself the space you need to breathe in between tasks… and don’t forget to plan for your lunch break, too!



Need help with scheduling what feels un-schedulable? Refer to Episode 083 for a crash course, and tune in to Episode 082 to learn about the importance of breaks, and why you need to make time for them at work!

How do you set your workday up for success? Share the things that you do each morning when you get to the office in the comments below… And check out Episode 121 to learn all about how you can take YOUR mornings back so that you’re waking up refreshed and ready to take on any challenge that the day brings!


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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton