5 Ways to Find Your Passion & Purpose in Anything You Do

While we’re talking all about what I like to call ‘the art of knowing what you want’ and how to make time for your priorities over on Episode 106 of the podcast this week, I wanted to take some time today to discuss a few ways that you can drive the message from the episode home a bit further by finding your purpose and your passion in absolutely anything that you do!

For some of you… it might seem like that’s tall order, right? But it doesn’t have to be!

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite, simple techniques that have helped me to find my footing when I needed it most, and to really hone in on what drives me forward each and every day.

Ready to jump in?


5 Ways to Find Your Purpose + Passion in Anything You Do


1. Keep an Open Mind –

You may have heard me say this a time or two but believe it or not… maintaining a positive attitude (as much as possible!) when it comes to any task or project you put your mind to can be a key ingredient when it comes to tapping into what you’re most passionate about.

After all, if you’re always looking at something new or something difficult with an air of caution or negativity, then chances are it will be even more difficult to actually enjoy yourself and the time that you’re spending on that one particular thing, right?

All negativity does is breed more negativity. So, if you’re someone who struggles to find what you’re truly passionate about, or who struggles to align your ‘why’ with the tasks and projects that you’re taking on… then try adjusting the way in which you approach those things by keeping an open, positive mindset as much as possible.


2. Take Time for Yourself –

Okay, so maybe you’re someone who doesn’t have any trouble with bringing an open mindset to the table when it comes to the things that you do… but maybe, just maybe, you often find that you’re doing just a little bit too much!

If this sounds like it rings true for you, then I encourage you to take a step back from the hullabaloo of every-day life once in a while to focus just a little bit more on taking time out for yourself.

Self-care… whether it comes in the form of exercise, long bubble baths, a monthly spa day (how awesome would that be?!), or a few hours of quiet so that you can indulge in one of your favorite books… can be the relief (and energy boost!) that you need to keep going when you find yourself stretched a little too thin.


3. Tap into Your Strengths –

Ever been confronted with a task or a project that you’re unfamiliar with? Me too! It happens all of the time, especially in the working world.

One great way to approach the unknown is to really tap into your strengths. What are some of the things that you’re great at when it comes to tackling something challenging?

Dive deep into yourself and focus on all of the good things that drive you forward. Maybe you’re great at organizing, or maybe you’re a great communicator and/or leader (which is great if you’re faced with a team project!), or maybe you’re very analytical and can look at something challenging from different angles and other perspectives, which can lighten the load of the unknown…

Whatever you’re best at, keep those skills in the back of your mind at all times so that you can draw upon them when you need them most. You might be surprised by how quickly you’re able to approach the unfamiliar here on out!


4. Pay Attention to Your Emotions –

Emotions are powerful. But even beyond that, emotions can be huge indicators of any underlying issue when it comes to whatever we put our minds to.

When you find yourself struggling to find the joy in something you’re looking to accomplish, try tapping into your emotions a bit more and see what might be driving them. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Angry or upset?

Ask yourself what might be bringing those unsettling emotions forward. By getting to the root of the problem (if there is one!), you’ll be more likely to nip them in the bud when they crop up in the future.

On the other hand… if your emotions are constantly getting in your way when it comes to one specific task or project, then maybe the problem isn’t that you can’t change your mindset, but that your body is telling you it’s time to focus on something else.

As much as our emotions can tell us when something is going right and when something vibes well with our life’s purpose, the same rings true for our emotions when we’re feeling lousy. Keep that in mind!


5. Look at Life as an Adventure –

No matter what, life is constantly changing and constantly pushing us forward… whether we like it or not!

Instead of getting so hung up on the things that you’re doing and how well you’re doing them, I want to encourage you to look at life as one big, grand adventure. Because it is!

The more you’re able to approach anything you do with openness and an air of flexibility, the more likely you’ll be able to tap into your passion and to what drives you forward as an individual.

Maybe today hasn’t been going your way, but what about tomorrow? Or the next day? Every new day brings new possibilities and promise. Keep that in mind, and you might be surprised by how quickly you can find your passion when you least expect it.


What are some things you’re most passionate about? What drives you forward each and every day? Share some of your experiences in the comments below (I would love to hear about them!) and tune in to Episode 106 of Productivity Paradox this week as we kick off week two or our brand new season, New Year, True You!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton