5 Ways to Take a DAILY Vacation for Increased Productivity & Happiness

Can you recall the last vacation that you took? You may have taken a week off from work to visit the beach with your family and soak up some sun… maybe a ski trip somewhere among a range of picturesque snow-capped mountains… Or, you may have just taken a little bit of time off for a staycation where you did nothing more than read a really great book or binge watch a few of your favorite shows on television!

Whatever you did, I’m sure you can close your eyes and imagine yourself back in that place, feeling completely relaxed and ready to take on the world, right?

Now, what if I told you that it’s possible to take a vacation every day so that you can give yourself the grace to relax and to savor all of the smaller details that make like so enjoyable when we’re off the clock? It’s true!

As we come to an end of Season 7 of Productivity Paradox on Episode 091 this week, I wanted to take a little bit of time and expand on this week’s topic, which is all about learning how to slow down and savor the time that we have each and every day so that we can make room for our happiness to grow.

So today, I want to discuss five ways you can give yourself a little vacation whenever you need it most – no matter where you are or what you have going on!


5 Ways to Take a Daily Vacation


1. Spend More Time Outdoors –

One thing that many of us do on vacation is spend time outside in nature—whether it’s basking in the sun on the beach, going for a hike at a national park, or hitting the slopes.

As beings of nature, it comes as no surprise that being outdoors revitalizes us. So, what better way to inspire a daily vacation than to carry that same love of nature into our everyday lives?

Whether you have five minutes or thirty minutes to spare, I want to encourage you to get outside daily! You might just be surprised at how refreshed you feel afterwards, and by how much happiness you can cultivate in the process.


2. Savor Your Time –

I talk more about this on Episode 091 this week, but it bears repeating here. In order to feel like we’re on vacation, it’s important that we take ourselves out of the busyness of life and learn to slow down and savor our time.

Whether you’re faced with a difficult task or you’re heading off to work or to an appointment, try bringing yourself into the present moment so that you can truly begin to focus on all of the finer details of life that make it so enjoyable…

The more you’re able to savor your time (just as you might when you’re eating a delicious meal), the more joy you’ll find in your life each and every day.


3. Bring Beauty Inside –

One of the most amazing things about the vacations we take is the sheer beauty of the places that we travel to… So why not bring a little beauty into our normal lives every day?

Whether at home or at work, try incorporating some of that beauty that you might find on an extended vacation into your surroundings. Spruce up your home décor with a few air purifying houseplants to bring a little bit of greenery into your space; put fresh flowers on your table or desk… and give yourself a boost by hanging inspiring works of art or photographs on your walls!


4. Eat Fresh Food –

To me, food always tastes the best when I’m on vacation… and a lot of that has to do with how fresh the ingredients are and how inspiring or unique the meals can be.

If you’re in a slump with your own menu planning, I want to encourage you to branch out and try cooking with fresh foods and ingredients that you might not normally incorporate into your regular diet.

If the taste of mangoes makes you feel like you’re somewhere tropical, buy a few and eat them throughout the week! Avocado make you feel spoiled? Do it! Have you been craving that super fancy latte, or eyeing that new Thai restaurant on your way home from work? Treat yourself!

The more creative you can be with your food, the more inspired you’ll feel every day. Find a new, exotic recipe you’ve been dying to try and commit to making it this week… See how you feel afterwards!


5. Get More Sleep –

I realize that this may be easier said than done for many of you—especially if you’re someone who is constantly on the go, but even so…This one is important!

While you may not be able to sleep in like you would on an extended vacation, I want to encourage you to try to get to bed earlier so that you can catch a little more Zzzs than you might normally.

Spend one week going to bed at 8pm or 9pm—whatever best fits your schedule—and see how amazing you feel in the morning. If this isn’t something that is realistic for your daily life, then try this method as needed!

The key here is that many of the imbalances we feel are often due to a lack of sleep. So, if you’re feeling extra lethargic and find yourself dreaming of your bed… Just do it! Get yourself to bed earlier and allow yourself the grace to rest and rejuvenate.

Remember – part of the greatness of taking an extended vacation is the excitement we feel in the anticipation of it in the first place! If we spend more time truly savoring each day and less time focusing on trying to escape it, the more likely we are to feel nourished and happy every single day.

Have your own ideas for inspiring a daily vacation? Share your tips in the comments below… and tune into Episode 091 to learn even more about the importance of savoring time as a means of cultivating happiness each and every day.




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Tonya Dalton