7 Career Goal Ideas for the New Year

This week on Episode 103 of the podcast we’re talking all about obstacles, the different kinds that we run into, and how to overcome them. So today, I want to focus on one obstacle that we often run into at the start of a New Year when we’re sitting down to plan for the upcoming months: Goals!

For so many of us, setting goals is not quite as cut-and-dry as we imagine it will be when we set out to put pen to paper. This is often especially true when it comes to career goals. We get stuck on what kind of goals we should focus on, and how to achieve them.

So, in that light… I have just a few Career Goal ideas to help get you started on the right foot in the New Year. Let’s take a look!

7 Career Goal Ideas for 2019


Update Your Resume—

Whether you’re looking for a new job in the New Year, or you haven’t updated your resume since you were hired for your current position… this is a realistic goal that you can achieve to give you a bit of a boost of positivity right out of the gate.

A few questions to ask as you’re looking over your current resume include: Is the information correct? Is the style (of resume) still current?

Even if you don’t have any big plans to change your career any time soon, making it a point to review and edit your resume on a yearly basis is a great way to ensure that your information stays current. If you should apply for anything in the future… You’ll have your resume ready to go!


Get a Professional Headshot—

Maybe you’re not so thrilled about your profile photo on LinkedIn… or maybe you’re never had a professional headshot taken before. Whatever the case may be, the new year may be a great time to invest in a nice professional photo that represents who you are personally (and professionally), and that you can use time and time again in the future.

Treat yourself!


Learn a New Skill—

Regardless of what field you’re in, there are a ton of new skills that you can learn that could benefit your career in the long-run. Is there something specific you’ve been meaning to learn, but haven’t quite found the time to do so before?

Whatever you have in mind, set it as one of your work goals for the year… and get it done! I promise that you will not regret it. Not only that… but if the new skill could enhance your job performance in your current position, then there’s a chance that your employer might even be willing to pay for it! You never know if you don’t try, right?


Do Three Things to Stay Healthier in the Office—

We all want to be a healthy as possible, right? At least, this is the trend these days! And it is no surprise that losing weight is one of the most popular goals for the New Year out there.

Where you already spend so much time at work, you might consider what you can do to stay healthy while you’re there! Try to think of at least three simple ways that you can stay healthier at work… and make those part of your goals for the new year.

Examples include: Packing a sensible lunch a few days a week instead of ordering out. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Getting up to stretch every hour, or each time you break in between tasks. Switching out your chair for an exercise ball or updating your desk to a standing desk.

The possibilities are endless! Think small and you’ll find that those little healthy habits will add up quickly.


Read one Career-Related or Motivational Book a Month—

It comes as no surprise that reading is powerful for your mind. No matter what position you currently hold (or what position you’re aspiring to), there is an abundance of motivational stories and career-related books out there to keep your brain engaged all throughout the new year.

Not only that… but even if you think you already know everything that you need to know, reading a great book on professional development can help to give you a new perspective, and can provide you with plenty of positivity and motivation to keep you focused and energized all year long!


Find a Mentor—

A mentor can be a great tool to help you advance your career. Is there someone at your current company—perhaps someone a position or two ahead of you—that you admire or highly respect?


Check in with them and ask if they might be willing to be your career mentor. You might be surprised by how quickly they jump at the opportunity to help!


Send one Thank-You Note per Month—

I myself am a huge fan of handwritten notes! They are a great way to show your appreciation and respect for someone else… and they can be stellar when it comes to highlighting your professionalism.

Buy a box of thank-you notes that you enjoy… And then each month, think of someone who did something nice for you. It could be something like a LinkedIn recommendation, an introduction to a networking connection, or even something as simple as a cup of coffee or a free lunch!

Even if the kind gesture is not work related, sending a thank-you note to someone you appreciate will make you feel good about yourself… and that positivity will definitely show up in your work. Give it a try!


What are some of the career goals you have in mind for yourself in the new year? I would love to hear about them! Share your ideas in the comments below… And tune in to Episode 103 of Productivity Paradox this week to learn all about obstacles and how to overcome them with ease!


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  • Monica

    I really have some great ideas. But my failures are depressing me and holding me back.

    January 2, 2019 at 6:45 pm

  • inkWELL Press

    Hi Monica! It’s wonderful that you have ideas… and our advice is to always try and let what you think of as failures be learning opportunities. You’ll thank yourself later if you take a negative situation and proactively choose to do your best and turn it into a positive one. Even if there’s just one, small positive that comes of it, that’s great. We all make mistakes, have failures, and go through rough times. I know that can be so difficult, but giving yourself the grace and the time to focus on the good and do something great for yourself will make the future much brighter.

    January 7, 2019 at 11:48 am

Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton