A Guide to Refreshing Your Health + Fitness Routine

Some days, it’s downright impossible to make time to eat lunch… let alone change into different clothes and get in the car for a trip to the gym for a workout. But getting regular mental and physical exercise is essential to your overall health and energy. For me, it was much easier to stay motivated once I created a fitness routine that works for me. One that still allows me to run my business, spend time with my family, and even relax on occasion.

The secret is that you have to customize your fitness plan to work for YOU. That’s why today I’m sharing my four actionable steps AND a free Gym Bag Essentials Checklist to help get you motivated to create your own fitness routine.

Click here to download the checklist now and stay inspired and working toward your fitness goals!

1. Be prepared to get out the door

Getting out the door is often the one thing that can get in people’s way when it comes to hitting the gym. That’s why the best way to overcome that roadblock is by preparing the night before. Maybe you’ve heard this tip before, but it works! Doing this has really motivated me, plus it makes me feel that I’m responsible to go to the gym when I see my bag packed and ready.

Use my free Gym Bag Essentials Checklist and hang it on your fridge or keep it in your nightstand drawer. I included everything I could think of that us ladies might need. But, of course, you’re free to add or cross out items as you see fit!

2. Make your fitness routine work for YOU

Customize your workout so that you can have a personalized and achievable goal. Some people hate using a treadmill and some people need a group class to stay motivated. Find a workout that you actually enjoy! I love Pilates and commit to taking three classes per week.

It’s important to brainstorm new and different workouts that will make you feel good. I know a lot of people love walking outside, and with spring weather around the corner, now is a great time to take a walk at the park after work (you can definitely bring kids or pets along here!). Ask yourself: What kind of workout is the most fun and therapeutic for me? Now put that in your calendar.

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Download this free gym bag checklist for your fitness routine!

3. Set standards for your fitness routine

When you set SMART goals, you’re being realistic. Life gets in the way sometimes, and that’s okay. I might have a meeting run long, an appointment to take the kids to or a birthday to celebrate. Let life happen, but learn to make up for it and don’t fall below your standard workout plan.

When you commit to a fitness routine, don’t just focus on the big goals. Make small goals for yourself, too. Set minimums… so if you don’t hit your big goal, you’re still happy that you got in 2 workouts that week while reinforcing the routine and building new habits. When you have obligations some days and can’t exercise, add 10 minutes to your workout the next day. This will keep you focused on your commitment to exercise.

4. Bring the Family Along

Exercising and eating well together creates a healthy atmosphere for the whole family. Investing in a family gym membership or going for neighborhood walks in the evening are great ways to teach the kids good habits (you may even have a nice chance to talk with them about school projects or make vacation plans!).

When you prepare, create a system that works for you, set your standards, and get the family involved, you are setting yourself up for success. Success feels amazing and you will too after getting to the gym for that workout.

These are just a few things that have helped me create a fitness routine. Use what works for you, and if you have an idea or tip I didn’t include, share it with me in the comments! Sharing, cheering on, and motivating others is a great way to get excited about your goals.

Don’t forget to download the Gym Bag Essentials Checklist HERE and start achieving your fitness goals today.

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton