Back to Basics: Healthy Habits for the New Year

Happy New Year, indeed! Even though we are in our second week of January, the phrase ‘Happy New Year’ bears repeating, because a new year always presents so much opportunity to reflect on the past and to set intentions for a fresh start.

This is also an idea that we’re talking a little bit about as we kick off season nine of the podcast with Episode 105 this week! The season itself is called New Year, New You… and I cannot wait for you all to see what this season has in store.

This week’s episode is centered on creating ongoing goals that will create long-term success, and to me… another ingredient specific to long-term success (and to any ongoing goal) are the habits that we cultivate that are aligned with those goals.

So today, I want to take that idea one step further to talk about creating healthy habits for ourselves in this brand-new year.

Whether you’re looking for success in your career or in your personal life, healthy habits can create springboards necessary for the achievement of any ongoing goal.

So, with that in mind… Let’s take a look at a few healthy habits that you can incorporate into your daily life that will set you up for long-term success—no matter what your goals look like!


Health Habits for the New Year


Unplug More Often—

Regardless of whether you’re setting career-related goals or personal goals, the more ‘plugged into’ the world you are (through your phone, social media, etc.), the more stress you’ll be prone to.

In our world today, it should come as no surprise that we are often over-connected and, as a result, overstimulated by the excess of information that you can find on almost every platform on the Internet. Good news, bad news, or “fake news” … it doesn’t matter what we find ourselves gravitating toward online. It all can lead to feelings of stress and overstimulation—both of which leave us feeling burned out at the end of the day.

To prevent stress from creeping into your life, make it a habit to reduce the amount of time that you spend plugged in each day.

Try stashing your phone in a drawer for a few hours or turning it off when you come home from work and settle in for the night… Instituting a “no television” night once a week or once a month so that you can enjoy one-on-one time with friends and family… Meditating more frequently… Or indulging in a few quiet hours to read from a book you enjoy.

Any bit of calm that you can provide can go a long way toward a better, healthier lifestyle and will reap a ton of benefits in terms of your mind and your body.


Get Plenty of Sleep—

Now, this one is important because getting enough sleep is vital for your physical health and for your mental health. And yet… How often do you wake up feeling truly rested?

As you prepare for your goals in the new year, make sure that you’re allowing yourself plenty of time to catch up on those Z’s.

To make sleep a routine habit for yourself… Try to get to bed an hour or half-hour earlier than you have been. Set a reminder for yourself on your phone (or in your planner!) for when it’s time to settle down and head off to bed and limit yourself from any distractions that could throw off your efforts of gaining more rest (i.e. silence your phone and turn the television off at a set hour each night).

Get your mind and your body into the habit of slowing down when rest time rolls around and enjoy the extra time you’ll gain to cozy up beneath your sheets!


Hydrate Often—

Our bodies are mostly comprised of water… which means that we should be replenishing it as much as possible in order to maintain both energy and focus throughout the day.

If you’re someone that often sacrifices water for coffee, soda, or another treat… I want to encourage you to turn that habit on its head by making regular water a priority instead. You might be surprised by how much energy you’re able to gain by water alone once you have cut out all of the other beverages you’ve become accustomed to!

A few small steps that you could take to ensure you’re getting enough water can include any or all of the following: 1) Swap out your first cup of coffee with a full glass of water (when you first wake up in the morning is best!); 2) Bring a water bottle with you to the office and set a reminder for yourself to drink X-amount every 30-60 minutes (and refill your bottle as needed); 3) Drink a full glass of water each night before bedtime.

The more hydrated you are, the better you’ll feel!


Get Moving—

Nothing banishes stress like exercise… So, another great habit to cultivate in the new year is to get your body moving more often!

A few great ideas to help make movement a routine habit for you could include: Seek out an exercise class at your local gym that you might enjoy once or twice a week. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator every day at work. Going for a walk after dinner each night (or a few times a week). Bringing your kids to the park to play a fun game. Doing some strength training or practicing Yoga or Pilates at home a few days a week… and so on.

Anything that you can do to get your body moving more often will not only give you the boost of energy you need to tackle whatever life throws at you… but it will also lessen the likelihood that you’ll feel stressed or burned out at the end of your day.


What are some healthy habits you’re looking to adopt this year? I want to hear about them! Share some of your ideas in the comments below… And join me on Episode 105 this week where we’re kicking off season nine by focusing on how to set ongoing goals for long-term success and so that you can become the best ‘you’ that you can be!


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    I am working on doing more side dishes that are fruits/veggies rather than carbs and lessening the frequency and amount of dessert we eat!

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