Boost Your Productivity Every Day with One Simple Tip

I’ve got a question for you… How would you like to boost your productivity (and your energy) at work this year so that you can crush your goals and cross off all of the tasks on your list with a little more ease?

It’s a difficult question to say no to, right?

A lot of you have reached out over the last few months to ask about a few of my favorite tried and true methods for improving my productivity when I’m working hard at the IWP studio… so this week, I’ve decided to go along with our theme from Episode 113 of the podcast and share one of my absolute favorite productivity tips with you.

Are you ready? Let’s jump in!


The One Simple Tip You Can Use to Boost Your Productivity


Take a Nap!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking: How can taking a nap possibly boost my productivity?

Taking a nap may seem a little counterproductive when you have a lot on your plate, and I totally get that (I used to feel that way too, actually!), but have you ever had one of those days where you didn’t get enough sleep? If you’re like the average worker these days, then I’m sure you have… and I’m sure that your energy, focus, and motivation suffered as a result.

Let’s face it: Not getting enough sleep really does affect us! And this is especially true when we find ourselves faced with a lot of tasks, big projects, and looming deadlines. We roll out of bed after a bad night’s sleep already feeling sluggish, and that sluggishness just seems to follow us around every step of the way… which reflects in the tasks we’re able to accomplish and in the quality of our work.

But here’s the good news… Studies have shown that giving yourself the grace to take a nap when you’re feeling sluggish after a night of little-to-no sleep (and even on the days when you feel like you’ve had plenty of sleep–which is usually around 7-9 hours for adults) can actually replenish your energy while giving you a fun little boost in productivity to boot.

And the best part? Taking a nap doesn’t actually require that much time out of your day! So if you’re someone who has been wishing you could squeeze in time to take a nap, then I’ve got some really great news for you…

According to a study completed by NASA back in the mid-1990s, the ideal length of time to improve your performance by 34% and your alertness by 54% is just twenty-six minutes long… Twenty-six minutes! That’s it!

So if you have an hour or so to kill during your lunch break, then twenty-six minutes is the perfect amount of time to grab some grub and then catch just a little bit of shuteye to give your brain a chance to hit the refresh button before you need to head back to the office to take care of business. Sounds pretty good, right?

Now, if you’re someone who has an incredibly busy schedule or who doesn’t have a long lunch hour where you could squeeze in time for a nap, then don’t fret…

Even if you only have time for a ten, fifteen, or twenty-minute nap a couple of days a week (or even just on the days you’re feeling super tired), that’s great! I actually only take a nap every other day or so, and I find that really works well for me, my work schedule, and my personal schedule.

The main point here is that any bit of time you can find to shut your eyes and give your brain some time to decompress will do wonders to restore your energy and give you a little boost in productivity that you need to finish out your day on a good note!


Are you an avid napper? What are some of your favorite ways to sneak in a little bit of extra rest in your work day?

Share your experiences and any tips you have in the comments below… And be sure to check out Episode 113 of Productivity Paradox this week where I’m sharing #allthetips on how to avoid sleep deprivation AND offering up a free download all about the 7 Keys to Better Sleep!



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