3 Quick Tips To Clean & Organize Your Virtual Desktop from Productivity Paradox host, Tonya Dalton.

3 Quick Tips To Clean & Organize Your Virtual Desktop

Let’s clear the clutter on your computer and laptop to celebrate “Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day,” today on October 16!

I’m sure a lot of us work on computers for long hours, whether it’s in an office or at our own business. We also use our computers after-hours too for recreation and relaxation. Whether it’s for work, fun, research, shopping online, etc., it’s really important that your desktop stay clean. It’s no fun to have your desktop background, files, internet browser and more all messy and unorganized. Yet, I know it can be hard to sit down and clean it up.

I want to help you out with this because I know how much better I personally feel when my computer looks and feels clean. I feel so much more productive because everything is just how I need it, where I need it!

Here’s three of my quick tips I’ve learned along the way for how to clean your virtual desktop. You can start using these today to help yourself become more productive and organized… which in turn helps you stay motivated and work effectively!

1. Create Folders for Work & for Home

Sometimes having a Documents folder and Downloads folder isn’t enough. Make lots of folders within your main ones so that things are easier to find. This may be a more obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how often people don’t think it’s necessary. In your Documents folder, you may want to consider having a “work” folder and a “home” folder.

Within those, you’d have things like contracts, tax information, resources, resumes, lists and plans, etc. It’s up to you. But I really recommend keeping items separate from work and home and then creating folders within those. Same goes for your Pictures folder. Organize that by year or family member and then year. As long as you have an easily searchable and clean system, you’ll feel more organized.


2. Keep Your Desktop Looking & Feeling Clean

Are you one of those people who has your files, downloads, screenshots and pictures all over your desktop? That can build up fast and become overwhelming. Take a look at what you have there and drag the files into your folders or into the trash. Don’t make it a habit to keep files all over your wallpaper. Think about a good day to go through those files that you’ve saved there. This may be a Monday or a Friday that you can automate this task.

I also recommend that you have a nice, clean background wallpaper on your computer. This can make you feel just a bit more organized and happier (especially when you’re using your computer for work!). We send out monthly wallpapers that we design at the studio if you’re interested in signing up at www.inkwellpress.com. Each monthly download will be sent to you via email and can be used on your desktop and iPhone. Even better, there’s always a monthly calendar, so you can see your month at a glance each time you open your computer!


3. Automate Your Files Into Bins/Folders

You can automate how and when your files are sorted into certain bins using Hazel for Mac OS X or Belvedere for Windows.  Both apps allow you create specific criteria so that when files fit the criteria, they’re automatically moved into the correct bin. So for example, if you set up a rule that any image that is on your desktop for more than 3 days is archived into a certain folder, it will happen without you having to worry about it.

This is a great alternative option from the one above, because it really takes your thinking out of it after you set up the rules. These apps can do a lot more… deleting, duplicating, opening and more for files on your computer, saving you lots of time!


Bonus Tip:

Another one that seem obvious, but one we ignore – literally cleaning off your computer. I would suggest at the end or beginning of the week to wipe down your screen and keyboard. Just think about how you’re typing away on your keyboard all day and then maybe having a snack around it too… it should be cleaned off, wouldn’t’ you agree? Often, your laptop may come with a small microfiber towel that’s great for cleaning smudges off the screen. Because try as we might to not touch our screens and make them dirty, it’s bound to happen by you, a coworkers, child, etc. You can buy these little towels at almost any store, especially ones that sell electronics.


I hope these tips have helped motivate you in cleaning off your virtual desktop for this little holiday! I’m glad I write this up and shared the bonus tip, because it served as a great reminder to me as well!

And don’t forget to sign up for our calendar wallpapers that will be sent to you monthly here!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton