Customize your fitness plan to work for you using actionable tips and strategies and the Gym Bag Essentials Checklist

Customize Your Fitness Plan: 4 Actionable Strategies & Free Checklist!

Some days it can seem impossible to get yourself to the gym or make time for a jog outside. After a long day of work, fitting a workout into your schedule can be a difficult task. I know what’s worked for me over the years, and while I’m still learning, I want to share with you all how I keep motivated while running a business, making time for kids and still being able to relax.

Customize your fitness plan to work for YOU. I’m sharing my 4 actionable strategies and a FREE Gym Bag Essentials Checklist you can download right now so that you stay motivated to work toward your fitness goals.


  1. Be Prepared

    The best way to get to the gym is to prepare the night before. Maybe you’ve heard this one before, but it has really motivated me and made me feel that I’m responsible to go to the gym when I see my bag packed and ready. This is often the one thing that can get in people’s way. Download my free Gym Bag Essentials Checklist and hang it on your fridge or keep it in your nightstand drawer. I included everything I could think of that us ladies might need. But feel free to revise the list or cross out items as you see fit!

  2. Make it Work for YOU

    Customize your workout so that you can have a personalized and achievable goal. Some people hate using a treadmill and some people need a group class to stay motivated. Find a workout that you actually enjoy! I love Pilates and commit to taking three classes per week. It’s important to brainstorm new and different workouts that will make you feel good. I know a lot of people love walking outside, and with summer coming up and the days being longer, now is a great time to take a walk at the park after work (you can definitely bring kids or pets along here!). Ask yourself: What kind of workout is the most fun and therapeutic for me?

  3. Set Your Standards 

    When you set SMART goals, you’re being realistic. Life gets in the way sometimes, and that’s okay. I might have a meeting run long, an appointment to take the kids to or a birthday to celebrate. Let life happen, but learn to make up for it and don’t fall below your standard workout plan. When you commit to working out, tell yourself you’ll workout 4 times a week, with a minimum of 2 times per week. Don’t fall below the minimum, and you’re still on track and creating good habits! When you have obligations some days and can’t exercise, add 10 minutes to your workout the next day. This will keep you focused on your commitment to exercise.

  4. Get the Family Involved

    When you exercise together and eat well together, it creates a healthy atmosphere for the whole family. Investing in a family gym membership or going for neighborhood walks in the evening are great ways to teach the kids good habits (you may even have a nice chance to talk with them about school projects or make vacation plans!). Some days it might be hard to get everyone on the same schedule, especially if you’re aiming for 4 or more days of exercise per week. Make a deal with your partner that they can stay home with the kids (depending on their age, if needed) two days per week and you can take another two days. This gives you time to workout alone with extra days to fit in family exercise time!


What’s Next?


These are a few of my best and favorite tips to use daily and weekly to stay focused on your workout goals. Download the Gym Bag Essentials Checklist HERE and get started today! If you have any advice others or myself could use to keep healthy fitness habits going, that would be so appreciated!

What’s something that motivates you to exercise or eat right? Tell me in the comments below!

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  • Donna Parrish

    I love the Fitness Journal!! Having to write down the amount and type or exercise as well as my daily food intake and water consumption provides accountability for me. There’s something about seeing the entire page filled out that adds more motivation to staying on track. Also the weekly and monthly check-ins help in numerous ways, by tracking weight and inches lost, goals met and weekly focus for further improvement. It provides the opportunity to reward or acknowledge our little successes, while simultaneously allowing us to get back on track when we don’t meet our goals. Win-Win!!

    April 18, 2017 at 1:52 pm

  • inkWELL Press

    Thanks for your awesome feedback, Donna! I think you summarized the post and what our fitness goal is perfectly. It’s all about accountability and acknowledging our little successes so that we stay motivated. The eatWELL Menu Planner goes really well with our Fitness Planner if you are ever in need of that too! 💕

    April 19, 2017 at 8:43 am

  • Michelle

    I am going to start doing the first one. I don’t prep anything the night before since I am much more productive in the morning. However, the gym bag seems to be at the bottom of my to-do list most mornings. Taking the time to prep it the night before will give me time to put together the things I need for the next day. Good idea!!

    April 19, 2017 at 12:04 pm

  • inkWELL Press

    I’m so glad you’re going to be implementing one of the strategies, Michelle! And I totally agree… there’s so many things to get done in the morning for yourself (and family or pets!) that it’s hard to just keep adding to the list. I find that if I create the habit of packing up my workout gear the night before, I’m more likely to get to the gym and not put it off. It definitely helps if you have a cute bag and nice tennis shoes too to keep motivated. If you’re interested – head over to our Instagram page @inkwellpress and enter our Fitness Giveaway. It just started and is super easy! 💜

    April 19, 2017 at 12:22 pm

Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton