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December Challenge: Host a Vision Board Party

How did you do with November’s monthly challenge? Each week I sent you an email of few things you could do leading up to Thanksgiving day. I know these little tips have worked for me, so I thought I would share them with you! Even better, you can save those emails in a folder or bookmark the blog posts here to use for your December holiday dinners and events!

I have another monthly challenge for you, and it’s fun, productive and inspiring. I talked to you in my very first episode of the podcast about why New Year’s resolutions don’t often work, but I know this is the time of year where we’re thinking of new goals and planning ahead. That’s why I encourage you (or one of your friends!) to host a vision board party this month!

We’ll be having ours on December 27… it’s a great time for us because the kids are out of school, so they can join in!


Why You Should Host a Vision Board Party

I used to do these with a small group of friends when I lived in Texas, and it really helped us get excited and ready for new beginnings and next steps. December is a great time of year to get together with your friends and family to discuss your resolutions if you have one, your plans for 2018, and your all around hopes, dreams and big goals.

It’s important to be able to discuss and communicate what your priorities are. Even if you’re currently working on a goal or task to move you towards it, these vision boards will be sure to motivate you and keep you feeling accountable!

The best part is, you can talk with your friends about your plans while having a festive time… ideal for the holiday season, right? It should be fun and inspiring, and who knows… you may develop even better ideas or systems for 2018 or your current goals.


Set up a time and gather supplies:

First, decide what date and time works best for everyone – usually about eight people make for a nice vision board party – but you can always work with a lower or higher number!

I know it’s the holiday season, so you may have to do what works for the majority… but that’s OK, because you can always have another vision party later on!

You can discuss this via email or group text – whatever works best for you all. Once a date is set, simply send out the invite asking your friends to RSVP so you can plan ahead. (Another good option is to create a Facebook event if that feels easier for you).

Here are materials you’ll need to get started:

  • Poster board or some other presentation board
  • Magazines, photos, or anything that inspires you that you can cut and glue 
  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • Markers & Pens

I love that the supplies needed for this vision board party are usually already found in your home and are inexpensive at the store. It’s best for whoever is hosting to have enough supplies for everyone who’s coming, and maybe a bit extra too!

You can also provide the drinks, and they’ll bring appetizers and desserts! I’ve found it’s always a bit more fun when you have snacks and beverages while you’re planning, discussing and creating your vision board.


What to do at your vision board party:

You’ll probably want a bit of a plan to keep the gathering organized throughout the evening.  You can start with some introductions and drinks, and then sit down with these ideas in mind going forward:


  • Discuss and/or write down what you want to focus on. Talk about your priorities and goals.
  • Spread the magazines out on the table along with the supplies for cutting and gluing.
  • Find images that represent your goals and inspire you!
  • Make a collage out of the photos. This is where you can make it your own with as many photos or words as you want.
  • Add motivational ‘inspiration’ words that represent how you want to feel.
  • Place your vision board in a spot where you see it often to remind you of your goals.

If you want even more ideas, I’ve typed up a few topics and categories for everyone to think about when flipping through the magazine and looking for inspiration:

Love and Marriage – What do you want in your romantic relationship?

Children & Creativity – How do you want to cultivate your playful child self, or celebrate the kids in your life (or the kids you want to have)?

Travel & Benefactors – Where do you want to go in the world and whom do you look to for help and inspiration in any area of your life?

Career & Life Path – What feels purposeful to you and allows you to cultivate and use your unique skills?

Knowledge & Wisdom – In what areas and ways do you most want to grow and how do you want to do it — school, extra-curricular classes, meditation, etc.?

Family & Friends – How do you envision your ideal relationship with your family and friends?

Health & Home – What do you want your health and home to be and feel like?

Wealth & Philanthropy  – What is wealth to you and how do you want to give back?

Fame & Recognition – What do you most want to be recognized for?


I would love to see your vision board and pictures of your party! After you have yours, I hope you’ll post a picture on social media and tag me in it! I want to re-share a few as inspiration to myself and others as we plan the next steps for our goals! If you haven’t already, you can sign up for my email newsletter below! I’ll send you monthly challenges, productivity tips, free downloads and more!

Happy Planning!

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