Learn why delegating to your team at work or home is an integral part of being productive and keeping up with your customized systems. Host of Productivity Paradox, Tonya Dalton discusses reasons why we don't delegate, how to overcome those and which tasks you can start delegating today.

Delegating at Work & Home: How to Empower Your Team

You know those chores, tasks, meetings and other items on your to-do list that you dislike doing or feel like you don’t have time for? We need to start delegating those. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of delegating before, and I want to share even more information with you about why and how you can start delegating right away.

Listen to episode 037: Delegating at Work & Home: How to Empower Your Team to get my best tips on tasks you can delegate at home or work and the quick steps to start.

I understand that there are several reason why we don’t want to delegate, but in the long run, I can tell you from experience that it is worth it!

Reasons We Don’t Delegate:


  • The belief that you don’t have enough time to delegate and teach others.
  • Fear of losing control of the tasks and projects you care about.
  • Not enough confidence in your team. Which in turn lets your team not have confidence in themselves.
  • The need to please everyone. Some convince themselves that they can get that one last thing done and make sure everyone else is happier.

There are even MORE reasons we find to not delegate. But when you really think about it, that’s only hurting your productivity. There are many great reasons to delegate big or small tasks. It can help others learn, grow and develop, while giving you space for things you need and want to work on.

There’s no reason to take on ALL THE THINGS. That’s such a big stigma – that we have to do everything ourselves and do it perfectly. You’ve heard people say that it’s OK not to be perfect, and I want to show you how delegating can help lighten the load.

There’s no reason to take on ALL THE THINGS. That’s such a big stigma – that we have to do everything ourselves and do it perfectly.

Tasks to Start Delegating TODAY:


  • Automated tasks – this can be laundry at home or meetings at work. Some of these automations don’t always need your complete time and attention. I have my kids help with laundry, which in turn teaches them to be more responsible and helpful. At work, I delegate meetings to John if I have other items I need to work toward. I know that delegating these tasks will still get the job done and that I will be filled in later if needed.
  • Teachable tasks – teaching someone at the office how to draft a presentation for the monthly team meeting, and then eventually how to be the one to actually deliver those updates to the team.
  • Tasks others can do better – I think it’s GREAT when someone else can do certain things better than I can. For example, I’ll ask John or Liz to take pictures in our studio of new products because they’re better photographers than I am. Think of some to-dos that you can pass on to others who do it even better!
  • Insignificant tasks – unimportant but urgent tasks. We talked about the levels of the priority list. Tasks that are unimportant but urgent, these are tasks that are small so they feel inconsequential to tackle, but they add up. They’re never important or urgent, and even if they only take a few minutes, they end up taking you out of the flow of your more strategic work.
  • Tasks for development – if you’re already good at completing a certain task, let someone else have a chance to try it so they can begin to build off these skill sets as they continue to grow and be a part of your team.

Steps to Delegating Tasks to Your Team


  1. Make a list of tasks you want to delegate and a list of your teammates alongside that using the download.
  2. Think about the skills and development of each of your teammates in order to decide who to delegate to.
  3. Decide your outcomes. How important is it that the task is done a certain way? How thoroughly do you want it done?
  4. Make sure you have the supplies and resources needed for the delegation. When everyone has what they need for the task, it will get done.
  5. Anticipate questions. People on your team will have questions if this is the first time they’re completing it. Be ready with answers to help them work effectively.

What’s Next?


CLICK HERE to download the Process of Delegating Worksheet to assist in getting started with delegations. I’ll send it right to your inbox and you can get started on it right away!

Through understanding the barriers we create for ourselves that keep us from delegating, you’ll be able to get past those perceptions. Use the list of tasks to delegate above and the download to guide you toward creating more time and space for things that matter most.

Comment below and tell me… what tasks will you be delegating from now on? Once you do, how will you plan on using that extra time?

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton