Do You Need More Positivity In Your Life? Here’s how to tell & what to do about it!

Are you ready to embrace a life filled with more positivity? I know that I am!

If you’re in the same boat this year, then I think you’ll love the conversation I have with my guest, Meaghan B. Murphy, on Episode 159 of Productivity Paradox this week.

For those of you who are not familiar with Meaghan, let me be totally clear: she believes that you should search for the yay every day, and it’s a message that I find super important as we gear up for a year full of – well, inevitable changes. (Hello, Presidential Election Year!)

Meaghan is a multi-platform media junkie with a 20-plus year magazine career at places like Teen People, Cosmopolitan, and Self. She is also the current executive editor for Good Housekeeping and is working on her debut novel, The Fully Charged Life, which will make its debut in 2021!

During our chat, we talked about how learning to be grateful, and practice gratitude has changed her life for the better after tragically losing her father to cancer. She shares her practice for being more present and how learning to say “no” has helped her tremendously in her life and career.

So today, I want to tap into the central thread that weaves a lot of Meaghan’s day-to-day together, which is positivity. How can we tell when we need more of it in our own lives, and what can we do to help bring it about?

I’ve got a few steps with a few tips to help outlined for you below. Let’s take a peek!


Positivity: How to Tell When You Need More

(& What To Do About It!)

Step One: Check-In –

Meaghan is quick to point out that one of her childhood nicknames growing up was “grumpy.” Which sounds totally crazy to me, because anyone who knows her or who has ever sat with her for even a few moments can easily see that she is one of the most positive people on the planet today.

But do you know what’s even more interesting about Meaghan’s former nickname and her story? It’s that she was able to turn the negativity that she describes as one of her inherent qualities entirely on its head, for the better.

All it took was some self-reflection to get her started! 

So my first question to you is, how do you feel about your day-to-day life? Take time to reflect on the trajectory of your days at the office over the last few weeks, months, and so forth. How has it been going? What emotions come up the most?

If you find yourself continually struggling to rise above feelings of stress, overwhelm, and down-right defeat (for whatever reason), then it may be high time to bring some more positivity into the mix.

The more positivity you can cultivate each day, the easier it will be to find inspiration and motivation to crush every goal you set. And that’s the truth!


Step Two: Look to Your North Star –

We talk a lot about finding your North Star in my book, The Joy of Missing Out, here on the podcast, and in my course offering, the liveWELL Method. And there’s a reason for it: your North Star is what can guide you to leading a happier, more positive and fulfilling life!

This is because your North Star helps you to maintain focus on the things that are most important to you (i.e., your life’s purpose, your passions, and so forth) while giving you the courage to say “No” to things that aren’t. 

And for Meaghan, saying “No” is a significant practice that has helped her make room for more positivity in her day-to-day life.

So, my second tip here? Keep your North Star in mind as you’re going through the motions of your time spent at the office, at home, and everywhere in-between. 

If a particular task or opportunity crops up at work or elsewhere, but is not aligned with your North Star, give yourself permission to say “No” so that you can say “Yes” to the things that will bring you joy instead!


Step Three: Keep Up the Practice –

I think it’s important to note that change, even for the better, doesn’t just happen overnight.

Positivity isn’t a switch that we can turn on and off, though I do believe it’s a muscle we can develop and grow, little by little, each day.

Whether you embrace the filtering trick that Meaghan talks about on Episode 159 (check it out, because I LOVE what she has to say about it!) or you find another way to infuse more gratitude and positivity into the mix of your day, keep the momentum going.

We all have good days, and we all have bad days.

Trust that, no matter what, there is always some silver lining, some “yay!” each day, waiting to be discovered and celebrated. We just need to open ourselves up to finding it!

Do you have your own practice in place to help you maintain a positive mindset each day? Share some of your favorite tips and tricks for finding and maintaining positivity in life in the comments below . .

And don’t forget to:

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