Interview with productivity expert Alex Mandossian about his daily ritual, productivity secret, and more!

Gain the Life You Love: Expert Productivity Advice from Alex Mandossian

For Productivity Paradox episode 013 I had my FIRST interview and it’s with entrepreneur and productivity expert Alex Mandossian. He’s given me and all who listen to this episode some amazing productivity tips & hacks you can start using TODAY. I couldn’t wait to write a blog post about this! I personally love to get other people’s productivity secrets and learn their daily routines so that I can try them out and see if they improve my own life/routine.

Read the rundown of his tips below on various topics that you can start using today for better productivity and taking back control of your agenda.


Alex’s Best Productivity Secrets:



While it’s supposed to make life easier, email can actually be very overwhelming. Here are Alex’s top tricks to make email work better for you at the office:

  • Don’t have people send you long or verbose emails. Lead by example and let others experience your brief emails (50 words or less).
  • Keep each email to one idea. Having multiple thoughts, questions, etc. can be overwhelming.
  • Refrain from the CC’s and BCC’s. You don’t need to be copied into every email.



Travel can actually cause more stress for many. You’re thinking about everything you have to catch up on when you get back and dealing with flights and no wifi.

  • Set up an auto-responder to let people know that you are traveling and will get back to them either when you are able or when your flight lands.
  • When you’re traveling, try not to respond to business emails or texts, etc., unless it is necessary to your trip.
  • Take the day off BEFORE and AFTER you travel. You will have time to prepare and recuperate.


Weekly Goals:

  • The Power of 52: Set a goal for the year. Such as saving a certain amount of money. Figure out what you need to do monthly, weekly and then daily to achieve your goal. Having these little successes will motivate you ALL YEAR.
  • Manage By Objective (MBO): Complete weekly goals by objective and not by urgency.
  • Set Prime Time Hours: This is time in your morning for YOU. Alex’s is from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. He does 50 minutes of creation time and no one can get ahold of him. After 50 minutes he takes a break – has some water, does some pushups. It doesn’t have to be three hours. It can be one hour each morning for YOU time.




So what can happen when you implement these productivity practices? Alex assures that you will feel better about yourself and you’ll feel more hopeful for the future. He told me about something one of his mentors said: The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a light, it’s a mirror. The man/woman in the mirror you see will feel better about themselves. Even if you HAVE NOT reached your goal yet, you are more mindful of your rituals and priorities.

Rituals should become mindlessly automatic so that you can feel better. This will also radiate off of you and people will see that! It can also inspire them.


What’s Next?


Alex’s main tip he wants to give you all to start using today is to take inventory of your day. Look at what you do in half-hour increments and write that down for a week. Review your inventory at the end of the week and you may just be shocked when you look at what you actually do versus what you thought you did.

Go to Alex’s website at and use the access code WINNER to get his BEST productivity tips like the ones above!

And comment below what your morning/daily rituals or routines are that put you in a better or more productive mood! Little tips like these when used together can amount to a big shift in the way we work, live and feel.

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