Finally Beat Someday Syndrome & Go After Your Goals

Have you been letting your Somedays holds you back from achieving your dreams? If so, don’t fret. It’s a lot more common than you may think!

This week on Episode 140 I’m sitting down with Amy Jo Martin, host of the podcast Why Not Now, entrepreneur, and New York Times best-selling author, to talk about what happens when we continuously put our goals and ambitions on the back burner for too long, in the pursuit of something else that is not in tune with our authentic self.

So today, I want to focus on an idea that Amy Jo and I touch on in the episode, which is Someday Syndrome, and how we can overcome it once and for all by tapping into our inner renegade. . .

Because if there’s one thing that we all deserve, it’s the opportunity to set big goals, and to chase down our dreams – no matter what, right?

Let’s jump in!


3 Ways to Beat Someday Syndrome


1. Be Clear on What You Want (and Go for It)—

If you’re having a hard time setting concrete, actionable goals, it could be because your mind is cluttered up with things that do not serve you!

Negativity, self-doubt, comparing yourself to others–all of these are notorious for adding to the chaos of an otherwise already ‘anxious’ mind, and all of them have everything to do with what we call Someday Syndrome.

So, how do we overcome the clutter? Simple. Be very clear on what you want to do, and then go for it!


2. Create a Plan—

It’s easy enough to say that you’ll eventually find the inspiration and the motivation you need to succeed when it comes to one of your big dreams but turning that dream into reality is a horse of a different color.

What you need, my friend is a plan!

We’ve talked about breaking down big goals into actionable plans before, and there’s a reason that I’m bringing it up again here: actionable plans work – and they’re crucial when it comes to getting off your keister to dive into all of the goals and big dreams you’ve been continuously putting off for one of your Somedays.

Want to stop procrastinating on the brilliance you’ve been keeping hidden away for far too long? Again, be very clear on what you want to do – and go for it by setting yourself up with a plan that is both actionable and achievable.

Don’t settle for anything less!


3. Find Your Inner Renegade (Ease into Discomfort)—

One thing that I loved about my conversation with Amy Jo is her concept of allowing yourself to be a renegade when it comes to pursuing your dreams.

While we go into this in more depth on the episode, for the sake of continuing our conversation here, I’ll summarize just a bit:

When it comes to getting beyond Someday Syndrome (and even Imposter Syndrome by extension!), you must tap into your inner renegade . . . And if you see the word renegade and balk at the concept, don’t!

Trust me, we all have the potential to be a renegade and when it comes down to succeeding in the way that we imagine, getting in touch with the renegade within is imperative.

According to Amy Jo, a renegade is someone who is a disruptor rather than a destructor. They’re someone who thrives with getting comfortable with being uncomfortable – which basically means that, no matter what happens, they’re dead-set on chasing after those big goals that, at one time or another, they had been comfortable with putting on the back burner.

In other words, a renegade is someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to their ambitions! They write their own rules, and they set the course for their own journey, rather than taking a backseat to someone else navigating the path for them.

So, when in doubt . . . Let your inner renegade help you work things out. See what happens!


3 Steps to Going After Your Goals


1. Start at the End—

Often what holds us back from following through on a goal we’ve set is the lack of a coherent plan to help us along the way.

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to a big dream you’ve been putting off for one of your Somedays or for another goal related to it, an excellent place to start is at the end.

What does your final destination look like as it pertains to your dream or goal? Start from that point and then work backwards to determine where any of your smaller, bite-sized goals might be that will help you stay the course of the pursuit of your ambitions!


2. Prioritize—

Suffice to say that a goal rarely comes to fruition when we don’t prioritize and make time for it during our day-to-day, right?

We’ve talked about the power of priorities many times before, I know, but there’s a reason prioritizing works so well when we really dive in and focus!

When we prioritize our big dreams, goals, and other ambitions, they come to life.

Whether your dream is of the personal realm, or whether it has everything to do with your professional life, you must take a look at your schedule and find the time you need to focus on the goals you’ve set.

(And if prioritizing your goals is a bit of a foreign concept, don’t worry! There are a ton of great tips on how to prioritize effectively Episodes  60, 61, and 62 of the podcast!)


3. Hold Yourself Accountable—

Amy Jo mentions one thing that all renegades seem to have in common, and I think it’s an important thing to note as we round out our discussion today on overcoming Someday Syndrome and getting ourselves in the right mindset to follow through on our goals . . .

Renegades always put some sort of mechanism in place to hold themselves accountable when it comes to their goals and other big ambitions.

So, whatever you do – whether the idea that’s speaking to you is big, small, personal, or professional – tap into your inner renegade and take that very first step . . . And then hold yourself accountable to keep moving.

After all, what have you got to lose? If taking that first step will gain you the success that you envision for yourself, then the journey will be well worth it in the end, right?


What are some of the things you could do to embrace your inner renegade? Share any ideas you have in the comments below . . .

Also, be sure to tune in to Episode 140 this week to learn even more about Amy Jo Martin’s inspirational story and what led her to the success that she enjoys today . . .

And check out my latest YouTube Channel video all about my upcoming book, The Joy of Missing Out, and what motivated me to rise above my Someday Syndrome to write it!

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Tonya Dalton