Find “Your Thing”: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

In the spirit of giving you a sneak peek of my book, The Joy of Missing Out, on Episode 141 this week, I want to take some time to focus on a major takeaway from the chapter that I share – which is the idea of finding your yes.

In my experience, the pledge of doing #allthethings can lead us into spending our time doing things that we don’t necessarily love or that doesn’t actually matter to us and who are at our core . . .

To rise above, we must get in touch with our authentic self so that we can sort through the noise in life and uncommit to the things that don’t bring us joy.

So today, I want to take a peek at some of the questions that we can ask ourselves, that will help us find our niche – that one thing – in life that will put us on the path to making the impact that we want to see in life and in the world.

Let’s get started!


5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find “Your Thing”


 1. What do I REALLY Want?

Clearly, this is a fairly basic question, but you would be surprised by how little we wind up asking ourselves what it is that we really want out of life.

If you’re struggling to find your Yes – your niche, your thing – in life, then chances are you haven’t been looking inward enough to determine what it is that you want to achieve.

What is the one thing that you’ve been daydreaming about, for far too long? How might the achievement of that dream change things for the better?

Think about it!


2. What am I Most Passionate About?

Bearing in mind that passion doesn’t always mean perfection (meaning, you can do what you’re passionate about and still have a few trying days here and there!), a great question to consider when you’re searching for your Yes is what you’re most passionate about.

What inspires you? What lights a fire beneath you when you think about it? What is something that you can’t imagine not doing in life? . . . Pay close attention to your answers here!


3. What is NOT Working in my Life Right Now?

As you think about the course of your day-to-day right now, where does your anxiety or dissatisfaction stem from?

Is it an aspect of your personal life or your career, your busyness in general, or is it a combination of these things?

When it comes to discovering “your thing” in the world, it’s crucial to take stock of how things are in your life right now, which essentially means that you need to take a step back and assess exactly what about your life has been working for you, and what hasn’t.

What might life look like if all of the things that aren’t working for you right now, suddenly disappeared? What might you do with your time then?

Food for thought!


4. What do I Want to say “YES” to?

Inevitably, you’ve been asked a ton of questions throughout your life and depending on your answer, you’ve likely taken on a new job, a new hobby or project, more responsibility at home or at work, embraced a new chapter in your life . . . Or you haven’t.

No matter what your journey has looked like so far, a big takeaway here (and that we discuss in more depth on Episode 141 this week) is that: no matter what question we are presented with and what it could lead to, whenever we say “Yes” to something, in effect we also say “No” to something else.

For example, maybe you’ve recently agreed to join a club or even a committee that you aren’t absolutely in love with. By saying “Yes” to spending more of your time on the committee, you’ve also said “No” to spending more of your time with your family and friends – or “No” to spending more of your time on yourself.

No matter how we spin it, every opportunity that comes our way is an opportunity to say “Yes” to one thing and “No” to something else . . . It’s important that we learn to use the number of times we say “Yes” wisely!

So, the most important question to ask yourself right now is, what is it that you want to say Yes to – and feel good about?

And looking at things from the other side of that coin, what might you be able to say “No” to so that you can open yourself up to saying Yes to more of the things that you do love?


5. What is my North Star?

One of the best ways to pinpoint your Yes in life is to consider your North Star and your personal mission statement. Where is your North Star guiding you?

The more in tune you are with your life’s purpose – and your personal mission statement to boot, the easier it will be for you to find your niche, and to become comfortable with saying “Yes” and “No” when and where it feels good to you.

Where is your North Star trying to take you? Share your personal mission statement in the comment below and let me know how you’ve been aligning your life around your North Star each day!


And for even more guidance on tapping into your authentic self and using your North Star as a guidepost along your journey to happiness and success, head over to Episode 141 where I’m sharing a sneak peek into the #JOMObook and how you can use it to your advantage in the pursuit of your dreams!


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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton