How to Get Past Creative Blocks & Increase Your Creativity

This week on episode 049 of the podcast, I’m giving you my best advice for when you feel stuck creatively. I know how hard it can be to keep up with your work when you’re feeling in a rut, and forcing just doesn’t help.

The good news is that there’s little things we can do to increase and foster our creativity so that we work more effectively. Let’s be honest, no one wants to go after their big dreams and goals when they aren’t feeling creative. So I wanted to make a quick list of tips to help you out! These are things I do (almost daily!) to stay creative in my business and at home, too!


Top 5 ways to increase and foster your creativity:

  • Add to your knowledge – Do this through reading works from different authors or in various genres. Join in on new experiences and going to events that will increase your brain activity.
  • Keep notes – Use a journal to write down and collect your thoughts. It will be helpful to see the breadcrumbs of where you’ve been when you get to where you want to go. Let your ideas morph over time.
  • Separate the creative process from the incubation process – Separate those two processes. For example, the research and writing phase: don’t try to research and write an article at the same time. Instead, gather materials and then write. You can consume more inspiration, take it all in, and then get into work mode.
  • Use your powerful moods – It’s been thought for a long time that happiness is the ideal state to work in creatively. Research now shows that creativity increases when both positive and negative emotions are high. You don’t have to force negative moods to create, but next time you’re in one, try to focus that energy into creating something
  • Get moving and exercise – Getting your heart pumping and putting yourself in a positive mood can boost creative thinking.


3 ways to get past creative blocks:

  • Give yourself limitations – it sounds counter intuitive, but add some constraints because constraints can really improve your creativity. Setting limitations can force yourself to think outside of the box about the resources you have available. When we have an overabundance of resources or time, we’re unsure how to move forward and where to focus.
  • Don’t simply think of the end-goal – Instead of thinking about what you want at the end, re-conceptualize the problem in a different way before starting to work. So for example, instead of
    thinking of the end goal, ‘I’m going to write blog articles that get a lot of pins on Pinterest, or get a lot of tweets,’ re-frame it. Think of it as what post would really resonate with your readers and capture their interest? If you find yourself focusing on a generic problem that you want to solve, try to re-conceptualize it from a more specific and more meaningful angle.
  • Embrace the whitespace – Your brain needs room to stretch and to play, and if you’re filling every spare second of your day, there’s no room. Boredom inspires lateral thinking, which engages your mind to seek a more creative solution to the problem at hand because the obvious solution is not interesting. In our pursuit of never being bored, we’re also filling our space needlessly. Checking your phone and social media can feel like it’s a good way to distract in the moment, but it doesn’t help in the long run. It doesn’t really push you creatively. Allow that space to be filled with what you want to do creatively.


I hope these tips and ideas for how you can boost and foster your creativity (even when you’re feeling stuck) will help you out from now on. I suggest bookmarking this page if this feels like something that  happens to you often. You can come back and go through the bullet points as a guide.

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If you have more tips and advice on how you like to boost your creativity, comment below and let me know! I would love to compile a list of how we can all better foster creativity and get rid of those creative blocks.

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton