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Girl Boss Tip Round-up: Life & Business Advice Everyone Can Use

Get Girl Boss life advice! These ladies are wonderful friends of mine and amazing business owners! Whenever I’m stuck and need inspiration, they’re right there with the best solutions and advice. I thought it would be a great idea to write up a blog post that EVERYONE can benefit from reading.

They’re giving their favorite tips that you can use starting today in work, personal or family life! Whether you’re a business owner or not, these Girl Boss tips can be implemented into your life. The key to success and productivity here is taking action and staying consistent! Read on for life advice from these 5 entrepreneurs!

girl boss life advice


Reina Pomeroy, Life + Biz Success Coaching®, Reina + Co

reina pomeroy, owner of Reina and Co - business and life coaching. girl boss life advice

“I think for anybody who is looking to grow professionally, whether that’s in their own business or in a traditional career, cultivating relationships and fostering them can be a huge point of leverage.

It’s not just about knowing somebody, but to really create a beyond professional relationship. We assume that if we do a good job that people will notice. It goes beyond that and we have to identify people’s needs and be able to support them in various ways. So for example, if you meet somebody at a meeting for the first time and you appreciate something that they’ve said, taking a few minutes to reach out to them after and let them know how you appreciated their perspective, it opens up a personal channel of communication with them. And if you continue to cultivate that relationship, you’ll be more likely to be able to leverage that connection if or when you need something that would be easy for the other person to give you – like an introduction to somebody else. I call this strategy Social Glue™. Tonya knows how I’m always talking about this!!”

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Kim Stoegbauer, Stylist/Designer/Founder, The TomKat Studio

kim stoegbauer from tomkat studios. girl boss life advice

“My best piece of advice for women balancing career and family is that you can have your cake and eat it too, but not without help! Do not be afraid to ask or hire for the tasks you can pass off. We cannot “do it all” by ourselves. A few years ago, I hired a high school student to help get the kids from school, get their homework started, and help with laundry and grocery shopping/errands. Even though I work from home, having her here to help with household duties relives so much stress for me. She only works 10-12 hours a week, but those hours are critical for my sanity. If I was working full time and had to finish up and start laundry, I wouldn’t have the evenings to spend with my family. This is how I have found balance and it’s wonderful!”

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Jenn Jett, Designer, Co-founder, The {Well} Studio

jenn jett, designer and co-founder of campwell summit and the well studio. girl boss life advice

“I have recently learned I am a 7 on the Enneagram. Which means routine and a lack of flexibility is like kryptonite to me. I also work from home, so my love for flexibility can cause a lot of problems….like running out for coffee or lunch anytime a friend calls and never getting anything done. The thing that works best for me is choosing Tuesdays and Thursdays to be my days where I stack up meetings, coffees and lunches with friends or clients. This helps me use the other days to stay zoned into work and what needs to get done WHILE freeing me up to get out of the house!”

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Kristen Ley, Founder + Creative Director, Thimblepress

kristen ley thimblepress. girl boss life advice

Go after what you want with a calm confidence and a crazy passionate heart. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Go after working with specific people or brands because knowing that it is okay to face rejection. If you never ask you will never know. Some may reject you and THAT IS OK. But the more you go after,  that only means your chances of “YES” increase. My friend Tiffany Han leads an awesome movement called “100 Rejection Letters” that everyone should check out. It talks about just that.

Also, If you have a product or service that you are super proud of, then you need to shout it from the rooftop. You may think you are yelling, but in the crazy world of social media with things constantly updating, your yell is more like a whisper. SO CHASE THAT DREAM, but always remember to pay it forward and share what you have learned with others. Give back to your community and to those who look up to you. It comes back full circle in the best of ways.”

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Janet Gwen Hoang, Founder + Creative Director, Janet Gwen Designs

janet gwen designs. girl boss life advice

“Being an entrepreneur is both a blessing a curse. It’s a blessing because I’m my own boss and doing what I love, but a curse because I am solely responsible for what I do each and every day. If I’m not giving it my all, all the time it will show especially when it’s my only source of income. Optimizing productivity is key to success and results through automation, batching, and consistency. I actually learned about automation from Tonya and it was mind blowing. Knowing what I’m doing on certain days help build that routine and structure I needed. For example, I know on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am fulfilling orders. On Tuesday and Thursday, I focus on administrative and operational tasks. Batching is amazing especially since I do a lot of content creation. I try to batch all my blog post for the month at the beginning, my team batches social media posts for every week, and every quarter we have a big shoot for pictures for the next 3 months. Automation and batching help creates consistency. Consistency is the key to growth, but nailing all 3 is gold. I’m not always the greatest at it but I try my best.”

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Who doesn’t love all this girl boss life advice? I get so inspired by these women and am super thankful for their support.

What was your favorite tip? Comment below and tell me which one you’re going to use or start using NOW! As usual, connect with me on social media, send me an email or read the newest posts on the blog!

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