A fun and happy company culture means employees are more productive and happy themselves

How a Fun Company Culture Boosts Productivity

Now I know what you’re probably thinking: How can having fun at work possibly increase our productivity on the job? Between the hustle of everyday life and the demand for workplace efficiency and output, it may seem a little counterproductive to start advocating that your team find pockets of time throughout the day, week, or month to engage in anything but work-related tasks—but, guess what…

Research has shown that companies that strive to bring a little fun to their employees’ workday actually find an increase in employee happiness, health and well-being, and in their overall productivity. (That’s huge!)

I like to think that the most enjoyable work environments are those that are people-oriented by nature, so John and I constantly try to seek out avenues to incorporate a little bit of fun into the workday… and I believe that it pays off in spades in terms of how energized, engaged and focused my team is each day.

So today, in light of Episode 088 of Productivity Paradox this week (which is all about the joy of traditions), I thought I might share just a few ways that implementing a fun company culture in the workplace can actually boost productivity.

Let’s jump in!

How a Fun Company Culture Boosts Productivity


1)    Fewer Sick Days –

One of the biggest indicators of how well your team is performing can be reflected in the number of days that your employees call out sick… because, guess what: Employees who are constantly falling victim to bouts of sickness or exhaustion that prevents them from coming to work are often those that are unhappy with their working environment in general.

A great way to reduce the number of days that your team members have to miss work due to illness is by adopting a fun company work culture!

In fact, a recent study concluded that employees who feel like they are able to have even just a little bit of fun on the job are likely to take fewer sick days and are more likely to report a higher satisfaction rating in their job overall… And it comes as no surprise that, the more your team is in the office and ready to go, the more productive they can be overall.


2)    Increase in Creativity –

Even after enjoying a fun day weekend at home, I find that I am generally more excited and open to creative thinking; the same is true when I am able to have a little bit of fun with my team on the job!

Companies that encourage even a little bit of fun—whether it’s celebrating a team member’s birthday at a meeting or springing for a team lunch or fun outing every month or every quarter—often are those that experience higher levels of creativity in their employees, which can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to brainstorming, problem-solving, and productivity.


3)    Increase in Happiness –

If your team is experiencing fewer sick days, then chances are that they are also likely to report a higher level of happiness and job satisfaction as well.

In another study that measured the impact of employee happiness on productivity, researchers found a 12% spike in productivity among happy workers… and a 10% drop among unhappy workers.

So, when our team members are feeling their best, a boost in productivity is often a natural consequence… And it’s important that we continue to cultivate that!

A few ways that John and I have looked to bring a little bit of fun to the IWP studio include the addition of adjustable work stations, monthly team meetings with employee birthday celebrations, and an annual holiday outing every December to celebrate all of the hard work my team has done throughout the year.




What are some of the ways that you advocate a fun company culture in your workplace? I want to hear about it! Share your experiences with me in the comments below… And check out Episode 088 of Productivity Paradox this week where I’m talking about the fun of traditions at home!


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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton