How to Create a Team Culture at Work

Let’s talk about building a team mentality. What does that entail?

We have teams at work with our colleagues, and even with the freelancers and vendors, we use. And we have teams at home, whether it’s our families or our roommates and friends. 

We all have teams. 

And here’s the thing: what’s vital for good, healthy teams is that everyone on it has a sense of belonging, a sense of ownership in the team. 

This week on Episode 150 of Productivity Paradox, I sit down with Kristi, a busy career woman with three teenagers and a husband who is feeling like she needs to take some things off of her plate.

And while we discuss how delegating some of her tasks at home can help uplift her and drive the team mentality of her household forward, we also touch on how the concept of building up a team mentality can play into her professional life too. 

So today, I want to dial in on how we can build up that team mentality in the workplace that Kristi and I discuss.

Because here’s the thing: What it all comes down to is creating a team culture in the workplace that aligns well with your company’s mission, and the kind of environment you’re looking to cultivate. 

After all, we want to feel good about the work we do and whom we’re working alongside, right? But for some, creating a team culture that works (and continuing to foster it) can be a challenge. 

Let’s take a peek at how it’s done!


3 Steps to a Positive Team Culture

Define Your Culture –

First and foremost, what do you want your team culture to look like? How do you want you and your colleagues to feel when they come to work each day? 

Consider these questions as you work to flesh out the type of culture you want your team to embody. 

For us, at inkWELL Press, part of our team culture has always been about family. We want each member of our team to feel like they’re a part of something bigger, something inviting, and that feels familiar at the same time. 

Another thing to keep in mind as you’re defining your team culture is to look to your core values and your mission statement at work. You want your culture to be a reflection of your business, of what it stands for and promotes to the rest of the world.

So, if your company is like inkWELL in that one of its core values is family, then make sure you’re allowing your team culture to stand by the same message.


Let Communication Be Your Foundation –

Solid, two-way communication is key to ensuring that all members of the team feel represented, and are a welcomed asset to the team.

So, if you’re looking to build up a positive team environment, allow open, clear communication to be your foundation. 

Make sure your team members understand that communication goes both ways. It isn’t about passively listening to you and going along with whatever you say: there is some wiggle room to the decisions made, and how work is done. 

Touch in with the members of your team. Let them know you’re available to discuss things happening at work, what’s coming down the pipe, and so on. 

The more your team feels that they can communicate with you (and with each other) openly, the easier it will be to cultivate the kind of team culture you want.


Set the Tone for Collaboration –

If you want members to feel like they have a sense of ownership over what happens within the walls of your company and what they do for work, it’s essential that you set the tone.

Make room for your team members to collaborate, both with you and with each other on projects and other essential tasks. Ask for their opinions. Listen. Encourage the exchanging of ideas. 

And keep this in mind: don’t paddle the boat alone. (Teamwork makes the dream work, right?)

If what you’re looking for is to strengthen the camaraderie of your team, then it’s crucial you allow everyone on board to paddle the boat right alongside you. 

That is what helps strengthen your team, and will keep the team environment positive.


What are some of the things you do to encourage a positive team culture at work? Share your experiences and any ideas that you have in the comments . . . 

And tune in to Episode 150 of the podcast to hear about Kristi’s story and how the art of delegation has helped guide her in building up the team mentality of her family at home!

And for even more help with building up a team mentality – at home or work – be sure to grab your copy of my FREE Delegation Download here!


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Tonya Dalton