How to Get a New Perspective At Work

We can always find reasons to have a negative mindset: whether we fail at something, we’re feeling overwhelmed, or when if don’t reach our goals on time… We experience these things as a loss and our inner critic takes over. It starts telling us that we’re incapable of any success, or that we don’t even deserve success. And this is especially true when we’re feeling less than our best at work, right?

This week on Episode 080 of the podcast, we discuss the importance of changing our mindset in place of a more positive perspective. Just as giving ourselves the room for a sunnier disposition is important in our lives every day, I think that giving ourselves tools to cultivate happiness in the workplace is even more so!

Now, sometimes changing your life situation and circumstance when you’re feeling unhappy just isn’t possible… And that’s okay! Sometimes, all we can do is change our perspective, perception, belief or opinion about our situation so that we can give ourselves the room to grow beyond the things that are not within our control and to change our attitude towards them instead.

Today, I want to share with you 3 ways that will help you get a new perspective at work whenever you need a boost.


Choose Positive Thoughts –

We all get stuck in bad habits where we don’t focus on the right things. We people-please, get into a victim mindset, needlessly worry, spend time with toxic people and indulge in negative self-talk. To cultivate more happiness both at home and at work, we need to recognize and break these habits…

When you think about something repeatedly—especially when that ‘something’ is negative, you begin to personally identify with and believe in those thoughts… which not only shape your inner reality, but your outer reality as well.

Instead, we need to choose positive and intentional thoughts. I encourage you to start paying attention to the way you talk to yourself and to others… And start asking yourself if what you’re saying is true!

For example, if you call yourself lazy—which is something that I hear all of the time, ask yourself if that’s really true about you, or if it’s just an excuse to distract yourself from what’s really going on.

The bottom line here? You can’t control reality… but you can control how you react and respond to everything that you’re faced with in the workplace.


Reflect on Your Progress –

It’s incredibly important for our long-term happiness and success that we are able to recognize when we’re thinking negatively and to consciously shift our mindset in a more positive direction…

If you’re struggling to cultivate happiness in the workplace, looking back on your progress each week can be a huge life saver. I often like to scan through my planner and habit trackers and seek out all of those little ‘wins’ throughout the year… I encourage you to give it a try as well!

Studies have shown that seeing our growth and progress can not only give us a boost in confidence (especially at work), but it can also increase our overall happiness in the long-run.


Remember: Nothing Lasts Forever! –

Tough times and setbacks are inevitable in everyone’s lives… but how we view what we’re going through is completely up to us as individuals.

It’s important that we realize that nothing lasts forever. We all go through seasons in our life and we all experience those low moments that often make us feel that we will never recover… and yet, we always do!

Instead of wallowing in the pit we’re in, we need to look upward and forward. You always have a chance to find the bright side to any situation no matter how tough it seems—and this is especially true in the workplace!

Identifying the silver lining of your experience will not only help you to find the lesson within the pain… but it will allow you to shift your perspective quicker and easier whenever those bad days crop up in the future.

How do you help yourself overcome your negativity when you’re not feeling your best on the job? I would love for you to share your experiences in the comments below!

And if you’re interested in learning a little bit more about the importance of changing your perspective and the benefits of adopting a positive mindset, I invite you to tune into Episode 080 of Productivity Paradox!

how to get a new perspective at work


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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton