How to Take a Day Off When You’re a Stay at Home Mom

We’re rounding out Season 10 of the podcast on Episode 130 this week, and keeping in tune with the idea of bending time so that we can start taking steps toward a life that we truly love, the focus of our conversation this week is ALL about something that I don’t think enough of us do in the world today, which is:

Taking a day off – a day away from the business of our day-to-day – to focus on ourselves by prioritizing self-care, and to give ourselves the grace to fully decompress… without feeling the least bit guilty about it!

Now, many of you have asked me how this topic can possibly translate to those of us that stay home each day with our kids. What happens when we don’t have an office job or a related position that we can take time off from?

Not only that, but as stay-at-home moms (who, let’s face it, definitely deserve as many mom-free days off as you can get!), how can we possibly break free from our daily routines, from taking care of the house, the kids, and everything in between, without struggling with the endless supply of guilt that often comes along with it?

After all, isn’t the purpose of being a “stay-at-home mom” exactly that – to stay home?

If you’re thinking about any of these thoughts (or something similar!) right now… STOP. I am here to tell you right now that, stay-at-home mom or not, the responsibilities that you take on in your SAHM role are never-ending. And because of that, and for so many other reasons, you definitely deserve to take a day off just like anyone else!

So today, I want to dive into how those of us who hold what I like to call the position of CEO of the Household can finally take the day off that they deserve, while banishing any feelings of “mom guilt” in the process.

Let’s get started! 


How to Take a Mom’s Day Off (Guilt-Free!)


Reframe How You Think –

In this day and age, especially as social media participation continues to grow worldwide, it’s easy to fall victim to the “mom guilt” I mentioned before. And this is particularly true if you’re a stay-at-home mom ensuring that the house is clean (let’s say), all of the family meals are prepped, the kids are taken care of, and so on and so forth…

As moms, whether we work outside of the home or not, the pressure is totally ON to try to be as perfect and “on point” every second of every day. And heaven forbid we stray from that ideal, right?


If you’re feeling like you’re in need of a mom’s day off, away from the stress of your every-day life (no matter what it looks like), and even if you don’t… It’s important that, as moms, we begin to reframe the way that we think about taking a day off.

Why should our partners, and even our kids, who spend the majority of their week outside of the house get to enjoy a guilt-free day off (or hey, even an entire summer vacation away from school!) when we “can’t”?

If you think that it’s perfectly OK for your other family members to enjoy some R+R from their day-to-day once in a while so that they can decompress and return to their usual routine feeling refreshed and ready to go, then Mama, I’ve got some news for you…

It’s perfectly okay for YOU to enjoy a day away once in a while, too!

And hey, if you’re having trouble getting over the words “day off” then use a different phrase instead… Self-care, after all, is imperative for everyone to indulge in, right? You’ve heard me talk about the importance of prioritizing self-care in posts and podcast episodes before…

So, in that light, do yourself a favor and make a day of self-care a priority for you!


Get Your Family on Board – 

We’ve all had a family meeting at one time or another, right? They provide each member of the household with the opportunity to share exciting news (or not-so-good news), to express any grievances with other family members, discuss where to take the next family vacation, house rules… and so much more.

In my experience, when it comes to ridding ourselves of any discomfort that we feel about any decision we’re contemplating making, it’s always helpful to sit down and talk about what’s coming up ahead.

To help take some of the guilt away from your potential mom’s day off, I encourage you to sit down with your family and talk about what your day away from home might look like, and why it’s important to you.

If you’re met with some resistance at first, whether it’s from your partner or your kids (or both), then open up the floor to talk about how you and your family might be able to work together to ensure that the house continues to run as it normally would during your day or weekend away.

Could your partner help out with the kids while you’re gone? Are your kids old enough to take over some of the responsibilities that, up until now, have usually been left to you to handle? If they’re younger, would it be an option to invite a grandparent, family member or friend to come by to help out until you get back?

These are just a few questions you may want to consider during your meeting with your family, but no matter what questions come up… 

The more you get your family in on your decision to spend a day away to focus on yourself as an individual, the easier it will be for you to overcome any uneasiness when you head out the door for your first mom’s day off!


Narrow Down Your Plans –

I think that a lot of the hesitation that SAHM’s run into when thinking about a mom’s off is that, for so many of us, we just don’t know where to start!

As a mom, taking time away from the kids, the house, our partner, etc. can seem like such a foreign concept. It’s just not heard of, or at least – it’s not talked about nearly as openly as it should be!

And because it isn’t talked about all that often, we run the risk of believing that it’s because being a stay-at-home mom and taking a day off simply cannot coexist.

To help you get around the idea of enjoying some time away from your usual routine, it’s always a great idea to narrow down the things that you might like to do during your mom’s day off.

What are some of the things you’d like to do? How long would you like to spend away from your normal routine? Is a weekend getaway with your BFFs a possibility for you? If a weekend away isn’t in the cards right now, then what about a Spa Day? How might you prepare your partner and/or your kids for your time off?

The more you’re able to prepare and plan for your day off, the better you’ll feel about giving yourself the time you need to do exactly what you want to do… And the easier it will be for you to plan more days off for yourself in the future.


Have any ideas on how you might lessen any “mom guilt” central to taking a day away from your role as a SAHM? Or are you already well-versed in the beauty that is the “mom’s day off”? Share your experiences and any tips you have in the comments below!

And tune in to Episode 130 of Productivity Paradox this week to hear even more of my favorite tips on how you can truly get the most out of YOUR next day off – whether you work outside of the home or not!

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Tonya Dalton