organize, plan and prioritize your weekly meals, holiday meals, plan your breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks. including features like kitchen conversions, seasonal food charts, when to buy organic, food expiration, and more.

eatWELL: Weekly Meal Planner for 2017

One of our most popular items is the eatWELL weekly Meal Planner (which comes in two styles, the Multicolor Triangle and Ombre Scales!). I know the holidays are quickly approaching, so I wanted to write up this post for two reasons:

  1. There’s all kinds of helpful resources in this planner to assist you in your weekly planning, but certainly in your holiday planning, too. I’m about to go through all of that with you, because honestly, my meal planner is essential around this time of year.
  2. I mentioned earlier this month for the October challenge that one thing we should start doing is filling in that Gift List in your planner (or creating your own). I can’t tell you how happy many of my friends are when I get them this meal planner… and that’s for a couple of reasons. They either love cooking like I do and find all the charts and information in the back of the planner so helpful, or they have a hard time meal planning in general. Which I do, too… especially during my busier times and with kids or family events.

I’m going to show you a quick guide of what’s throughout our eatWELL weekly meal planner, which is designed to last you 6 full months of meal plans and grocery lists!

eatWELL Weekly Meal PLanner from inkWELL Press. This meal planner helps show you how to take the stress of holiday meals or dinner parties. Includes a resource section in the back to help with cooking conversions, quick and simple meal ideas, chart for seasonal foods and tips for storing food.

You can see that you have plenty of room for each day of the week. It’s up to you if you want to write in every meal or just plan out one per day. I have those little source boxes at the bottom so you can always remember where your recipe or idea is coming from. After you’re done eating, use the 5-stars to rate how you liked it! I love that this is all in a planner for you to review, even weeks after.

You’ll also see there’s a section just for ideas, and I love this, too. Because sometimes I don’t have a set plan. Or a friend will tell me about a really healthy snack she’s trying and I’ll want to write that down for later.

After each weekly meal planning page in your eatWELL Meal Planner, you'll have a grocery list to use as you're shopping for your meals. Each section has enough room, and we even included pharmacy and household needs.

Next, after your weekly meal planning page, is a grocery list so that you can easily look at your meal plans and then plan that trip to the grocery store for the entire week if you want to. You can see that there’s plenty of room to write in several items under each category for the store. We even included a pharmacy and household needs section.


After those 24 weeks of meal plans and grocery lists, you’ll find your resources in the back of your meal planner. Starting with one of my favorites – the Holiday Meal Plan.

Take the stress out of the holiday meal planning with the eatWELL Holida Meal Plan pages and the Battleplan. It takes your entire meal and makes it into bite-sized pieces along the way.

Whenever we think about making Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner or any other holidays you may celebrate, we feel a little overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s hard to get started when you’re busy planning for everyone to come over or trying to finish up your work for the holiday. So I created three of these two-page holiday plan spreads. It takes your entire meal and breaks it down into bite-sized pieces.

You’ll see your recipe and the person who is in charge (you know I LOVE to delegate – relieve some of that stress!). Then, you can make your battle plan starting 30 days out. These are checkpoints every week until your holiday event.

We can’t always cook homemade meals, right? We all have those really great takeout spots that we crave. And when life happens, it’s totally OK to take a night (or two!) off from your cooking routine and get takeout. Plus, now there seems to be healthier options popping up!

Quick and simple meal ideas for any day of the week.

Here, you have 16 spaces to write in your quick and simple meal ideas. I find that this is a great place to write in the ones you know by heart – your go-to meals. These are usually dinners and ingredients that I can whip up in a skillet or pan, making it even easier to clean up.

the seasonal food chart will show you both fruits and vegetables that are in season so you can meal plan and cook amazing and flavorful dinners around these healthy options.

My other favorite in this meal planner – the in-season fruits and vegetables chart! It starts with the beginning of the year on to December and shows you when each item is in season during the year with a colorful bar graph. This way, if it’s autumn, you can look right there in that section and come up with flavorful meals right off the bat!

Use the kitchen conversions chart for all your liquid ingredient needs.

Whenever I’m starting to bake, I’ll almost always have this Kitchen Conversion chart out on my table. If you or someone you know loves baking, I can bet you would both appreciate this little chart. It’s easy to read and comes in handy when you just can’t seem to find your teaspoon.

Use the organic and when to skip sections to know when it's best to buy organic fruits and vegetables and when it's okay to skip. Make sure to use the food expiration date cheat sheet so your food is safe and ready to eat.

With the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen, you won’t have to wonder which produce items to buy organic or not. Some foods absorb more chemicals than others, so it’s definitely good know be aware of which are best to keep organic in your house.

Then, I created the food expiration cheat sheet. And while you may know some of this, it’s great for younger ones or anyone starting out with cooking. The last thing we want is to get sick instead of having an amazing meal.

the butcher shop chart will show you each part of both the pig and cow for reference.

Lastly, I have the Butcher Shop reference guide for both beef and pork.


Did I mention these meal planners come with set up videos too? Just like the liveWELL Planners, I’ll show you quick video guides for yours. You can go ahead and watch them here!

That’s the complete rundown of the IWP eatWELL Meal Planner! We have a few more specific details on the website, such as paper weight and pricing. As I mentioned, I’m so excited for using my meal planner this holiday season, I’ve been itching to get started..

I understand that it can often be the main thing on your mind when you should also be relaxing and enjoying everyone’s company. Check your email (and sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already!) and follow me on social media for all the newest updates on sales and exclusive information coming your way!

Happy MEAL Planning!

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