Is Remote Work For You? 5 Ways to Know

As the world of the Internet continues to expand, many more people are finding themselves with the opportunity to work from – well, anywhere! – and the possible advantages of expanding one’s workspace beyond the traditional office walls are plentiful… especially if you’re someone whose work allows them to create their own schedule (and sometimes, rules) to boot.

While we talk about exactly how you can work from anywhere if the opportunity presents itself (think: traveling for work where your office needs to be a hotel room, and so on) on Episode 127 of Productivity Paradox this week… I’ve got to ask:

How can you be sure that working remotely is for you?

Today, I want to dive into that question a bit more by sharing some of the ways that you can determine if a remote position is something that would work for you, your work, and your lifestyle.

Let’s get started!


5 Ways to Know if Remote Work is for You


1. Working Alone Doesn’t Scare You –

It should come as no surprise that… remote work requires that you spend a lot of time on your own, tending to your own schedule and ensuring that your productivity doesn’t fall to the wayside when someone isn’t around to look over your shoulder and check your progress!

If you’re someone who is no stranger to self-discipline and doesn’t shy away from techniques to keep yourself motivated to stay on task, then chances are you’d do pretty well with working remotely!

On the other hand, if you’re someone who thrives on a lot of direction from your supervisors, communication with your coworkers (note: it’s a lot easier to walk over to someone else’s desk to have a question answered, in many cases, than it is to send an email and wait for a response!), or if you’re someone who needs a little bit of an ‘outside boost’ to stay on task, then it may be best to rethink the possibility of working outside of the office.


2. You’re an Excellent Communicator –

While a lot of remote positions require that you self-direct yourself to stay on task and put out any necessary fires outside of a traditional office… It’s important to note that remote work still hinges on your communication skills.

Remember: Not all remote positions are so cut and dry that you never have to speak to anyone else (like a client) on the phone! More often than not, remote work still has some phone skills involved and even more writing on top of that.

If you’re someone who is able to communicate via the phone and email with ease, then you’re in luck! Working remotely may be on your horizon.


3. You Have NO Trouble Setting Work/Life Boundaries –

In many cases, working remotely essentially means that you’re working straight out of your place of residence… which, in other words, means that you’ll be completing your work tasks and meeting deadlines all from the comfort of your own home – little-to-no traveling required!

That being said, maintaining boundaries between your working life and your personal life is imperative when considering whether or not a remote position is in the cards for you.

If you find yourself constantly distracted by your kids, social media, or other “non-work things” whenever you try to sit down to focus on something work-related, then more likely than not, remote work will bring you more stress than necessary.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who is able to compartmentalize with ease and has no trouble setting new boundaries for your remote working life when needed, then you’ll likely have no trouble with going remote full-time!


4. You Have Your Priorities Straight –

Similar to maintaining a work-life balance, having your priorities in line while working a remote position is just as essential as it is for a position that requires you to work alongside a team.

Remote work will hinge on your ability to not only stay on task, but to also understand which tasks are most important and require much of your focus at the onset of your working week.

For some help on prioritizing – whether you’re thinking of working remotely or not! – be sure to check out Episodes 006 and 062 for a refresh!


5. You Have a Planning System in Place –

Surprise, surprise… Remote work will also require that you have some sort of system in place to keep track of your tasks, your schedule, meetings, and more!

So now the question is: Do you have an existing planning system in place? Are you comfortable with using a planner (on paper or digital) and apps to help you keep track of your tasks, deadlines and other work-related items of importance?

If you’re already comfortable with planning and have a system in place that works well for you, your work life, and your personal life (bonus if you do!), then chances are you’ll be well-equipped to handle the ins and outs of a remote position.

If not, then it might be a good idea to explore what planning system options and apps are available to you, and what you might be comfortable working with so that you can be prepared to take on remote work!

For some help here, check out Episodes 012 and 027 on creating systems that will work for YOU and your needs… and definitely refer to Episode 038 to learn about some of my favorite apps that will help you to streamline your productivity, no matter what!


And there you have it, a few ways to help you determine whether or not working remotely is truly something you might want to take on in the future of your working life!

…And if you’re interested in learning even more about what it takes to work from anywhere, and how you might be able to accomplish it without running the risk of challenging your own productivity, be sure to check out Episode 127 of the podcast this week!


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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton