Strengthen your internal locus of control and understand that you have control of your choices, even when it doesn't feel like you have any. Get tips and advice for how to change your mindset from learned helplessness to positive and forward thinking.

The Power of Choice: 5 Steps to Strengthen Your Internal Locus of Control

I recently talked about the power of choice on episode 045 of the podcast, and a big part of making choices throughout life is having an internal locus of control. This isn’t a term I hear people use too often, but it’s all about having a more postie mindset and understanding that you do have control over your own choices and decisions in life… even when it doesn’t feel like it.

In this episode, I talked about a few people who really do have little to no choices, yet still find ways to have the freedom to make decisions. It’s easy to say and think that we simply don’t have control over outcomes of certain circumstances, but we do always have a choice on how we deal with and how we move forward.

A big part of this is strengthening your internal locus of control, so I’m giving you my top 5 ways you can practice this that make it easy and effective:


  1. Be aware that you have a choice even if the choice isn’t your favorite. Look at your options and the opportunities in front of you. Thinking through this logically is making a choice about how you want to move ahead. You can always choose how you handle your situations, how you cope and deal, and how you keep going even when your ideal option isn’t available.
  2. Review your options by making a list of all the possible courses of action. Don’t evaluate each option, just write them down. You can evaluate them later after your initial brain dump but sometimes it helps just to sit down and come up with all the options that are possible. You might be surprised how many choices you really have.
  3. Ask for ideas from a friend. Sometimes it’s so helpful to get an outside party to look in and help you out. Make sure it’s a supportive friend of course and then you really need to listen. Don’t interrupt or argue back about why something isn’t a choice, just write down all their suggestions. They’ll have a different way of looking at the choices then you do.
  4. Choose what’s best for you. When you start making choices, don’t get bogged down into weighing the 5 million options. We already delved into that back in episode 43 with analysis paralysis. Start by focusing on the best choice for you.
  5. Remember that you do have choices. Everything is a choice. Getting out of bed every morning, that’s a choice. Choosing to smile at the lady who passes you on the street, that’s a choice. Life is a series of choices so enjoy getting to choose. Honestly just knowing that you have that option of choice is enough to begin building up that internal locus of control.


If you feel like you have a little trouble in this area, and often think you just don’t have any control over your situations and choices, I suggest writing down these tips in your planner or in a notebook. It will be helpful to come back to when you’re feeling stuck or let down by a decisions and opportunities.

Honestly, not all situations go the way we want them to, right? So it’s best to be prepared and to be open to shifting your mindset so you’ll be ready for the future! I give a lot more details, stories and advice on this in episode 045 if you want to have a listen.

Comment below what choice you’re currently having to face. Does it help to have a strong internal locus of control and a positive mindset?

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton