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Bullet Journaling with the NEW Priority System

Perhaps you’ve heard of bullet journaling, or maybe you are a bullet journaling pro – either way, I want to give you a new system that will help you schedule your priorities and achieve goals using your bullet journal. Bullet journaling is a rapid logging system, allowing you to quickly get your ideas onto paper. Once you do, there’s a simple method to sort and organize them that you can adjust to your specific needs.

While this is the well-known practice of bullet journaling, I think we can make our planning work even better for us and our priorities. I talk a lot about the new priority system in episode 006 of the podcast, so listen on iTunes if you want more details on how you can really prioritize what matters most to you.


Your New Priority System


I go over this system in my blog post here, but I want to also introduce this system to the world of bullet journaling as well. You can use this in your journal just as others use it in their planners. Here are the 3 categories for your priorities that you can start using today so that you know where to focus your time:

  • IMMEDIATE – Important & urgent tasks: These tasks align with your goals and what you WANT to do. Important items are things that contribute to our long term mission. You need to tackle your priority one tasks each day, as they are time-sensitive.
  • IMPORTANT – Important & Non-urgent tasks: This is actually where you want to spend most of you time. Some examples include taking a course to improve yourself, creating a budget plan – long term projects. Here, you’re not in panic mode, which means you can think clearly, be creative and give yourself time. But this also means without that sense of urgency, things get put on the back burner until they blow up in our faces. Place your emphasis on these tasks and you’ll be making leaps and bounds with your personal growth.
  • INSIGNIFICANT – Unimportant but Urgent tasks: They are time-sensitive and have a looming deadline, but they don’t necessarily align with your goals. They are unimportant, but have to be done, and often can pull you away from your priority two tasks. Often times people will push their agenda on you, and you’ll have a hard time saying no to this, and sometimes, with deadlines, it feels unavoidable.

Bullet Journaling, new priority level system to schedule priorities in your planner or bullet journal, inkWELL Press, Blue Chevron Journal

Knowing how to categorize your priorities and which category you should focus on is key to planning out your goals and your daily tasks. You can use this system in your bullet journal as you create a daily plan. Be sure to write out your tasks for your day (or week if preferred) under the categories of Immediate, Important and Insignificant.

As a bonus, the gridded pages in our hardcover journals help make bullet journaling a breeze. Our journals are split into four sections, each with a different colored grid — this makes organizing the sections of your bullet journal even easier!

Coming up in the next week, I’ll have free downloads you can use for your bullet journaling: the Bullet Journal Cheat Sheet and the Bullet Journal Calendar. These downloads will also fit right into your IWP journal, because I made them just the right size!

Interested in exploring bullet journaling in greater depth? The official Bullet Journal website is a great place to start! Happy Planning!

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Productivity Paradox, bullet journaling with the new priority system, schedule in your priorities and focus on goals.

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  • Jess

    I like this, but I feel like insignificant may not be the right word…
    not sure what the right word is though!

    July 14, 2017 at 4:06 pm

  • inkWELL Press

    Hi Jess! Thanks for reading and giving us some feedback. These aren’t technically completely Insignificant tasks, but we gave this section this name to remind ourselves that Urgent but not Important tasks shouldn’t be at the top of our task list by default. It’s a mindset shift of bumping these seemingly significant tasks down to the bottom of the list, to be done when you’ve worked on Important tasks first.

    July 17, 2017 at 2:36 pm

  • Val

    There is a strategy when you do Project Management to classify tasks within the implementation tasks that is to separate them in:
    * Big Impact
    * Medium Impact
    * Nice to have

    This is very useful when you have time or budget constrains.
    It helps you to see which impact each task will have in your audience.
    I use it at my personal level to see which task will have a bigger/smaller impact on my sense of achievement.

    November 4, 2017 at 2:17 am

Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton