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Traveling and Summer Series: Road Trip with Kids Packing List

It’s road trip season! For part three of my Traveling & Summer Series: Packing List edition, I’ve created a fun Road Trip Packing List. If you didn’t get my other two lists from this series, be sure to download the Basic Packing List and the Beach Essentials Checklist! The basic list can be used for any occasion and in conjunction with the others. It’s always a good idea to have the basic one along with your other list for vacation-specific gear. By doing this, I’ve found that we never forget anything at the house.

So let’s get right to it! This packing list can work in a couple of different ways. But the best part is that it’s super kid-friendly. First, you can use this list if you’re going on a long car ride to your destination vacation – such as Disney World. Or you can use it if your vacation is simply a long road trip to and from anywhere!

In this Road Trip Packing List, I’ve got the essentials for rest stops and nights at hotels, as well as fun car games the kids can play together or with the whole family. Let’s be honest… if you have kids and you’re packing up to go even an hour or two away, how often do they ask, “Are we there yet?” Everyone’s usually a little antsy, bored or hungry.

It’s sometimes a hard or complicated thing to plan for, but road trips are either the start of your vacation or the vacation itself – so I think it should be enjoyable!


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Tonya Dalton