Simple (but effective!) Tips for Happiness from a Productivity Expert

This week on Episode 084 Productivity Paradox, I’m answering a few of your productivity questions! So today, I thought I would keep that momentum going by sharing 10 more of my favorite productivity tips that you can implement at home or at work to help you become more focused, organized, productive and happy.

Let’s get started!


Ten Simple (but effective!) Productivity Tips for Happiness


1. Monotask  – Learn all about my five keys to monotasking in Episode 009… and take control of your distractions so you can nip your tendency to multitask in the bud… and replace it with monotasking so that you can boost your productivity and reap effective, more productive results!


2. Create an Action Plan – When it comes to setting goals, I think it’s incredibly important to create an action plan to help break down those goals into bite-size pieces so that the overall journey to attain those goals doesn’t feel so overwhelming…

CLICK HERE to download one of my favorite productivity tools, my Action Plan worksheet! It takes your S.M.A.R.T. goal, breaks it down, and pushes you to measure your goal and complete bite-sized pieces so that you will accomplish it…

Unsure of what a S.M.A.R.T. Goal is? Check out Episode 002 for a refresher!


3. Reflect Often – Once a goal has been set, there is nothing better you can do to keep track of your progress than taking some time to reflect. Use my Reflection Worksheet to really break down how you’re feeling about your goals, your personal and your work life… and so much more.


4. Focus on Your Priorities – I think it’s imperative that we scrap the traditional to-do list… and create a priority list instead! When you have a long, disorganized laundry list of to-dos based on how much time you have in your day, you’re not likely to get anything important done… and this has clear implications on how productive (and happy) you feel as a result.

Need some help creating your own priority list? Check out Episode 006 where I discuss the Power of Priorities!


5. Compartmentalize – When it comes to boosting productivity and making room for happiness to grow, compartmentalizing your life can make a huge impact. A few seasons ago on the podcast, we talked about the three main categories to keep in mind when it comes to compartmentalizing… and if you’re in need of a helpful strategy to keep you focused (and less stressed), I encourage you to give Episode 015 another listen here!


6. Get Comfortable with Time-Tracking – Tracking exactly how you spend your time is a great way to get a better picture of how you can improve your time management both at work and at home. Do this by calculating exactly how many hours you really work each day and how many hours of sleep you get each night. Subtract that from 168 (the number of hours we all have in a week) and you’ll get a better picture of the time you have to spend with family or for yourself.


7. Batch Tasks – Stay focused and boost your productivity by batching like tasks! Grab my helpful download that accompanies Episode 029 (here) and start batching tasks right away, so that you work more effectively in the time that you have.


8. Create an Automations Schedule – Automations are super helpful when it comes to organizing those tasks that don’t necessarily need to be done each and every day. When you’re creating your own automations calendar, think about tasks that could potentially go together so that you could batch like items together. Need some help? Grab my Automations Worksheet and start scheduling your automated tasks to help boost your productivity at work and at home!


9. Learn to Delegate (at work AND at home) – If you’re feeling stressed, it may be because you’re trying to do too much at once. Try delegating your less important tasks instead… Make a list of tasks you want to delegate and a list of your teammates (at work AND at home), and snag a copy of my Delegation Worksheet to help you get started.


10. Eat the Elephant – Use my 3-step quick guide to stop eating the frog (which is doing your most dreaded or hardest task first)… and start Eating the Elephant instead. You might be surprised by how much momentum you gain to tackle your goals, and how much happiness you can cultivate in the process!


Have some great productivity tips of your own that have helped you to cultivate happiness in your own life? I want to hear about them! Feel free to share in the comments below… And be sure to check out Episode 084 for a few more helpful tips that you won’t find here.

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton