Simple Tricks for Keeping Your Workspace Organized & Clean

We’re kicking off our conversation on the Episode 111 of Productivity Paradox this week by diving into the world of organization, what it is, how it affects our mental health and well-being, and how we can become better organized ourselves by learning how to organized absolutely anything… without the stress that, for so many of us, usually comes with it!

So today, I want to take that idea even further by expanding our conversation to the office. Because let’s face it… Having an organized workspace is important when it comes to inspiring us to do great work and when it comes boosting our productivity. Plus, if you’re anything like me, an organized desk just makes you feel good, right?

So now, let’s jump in by taking a look at five organizational tricks for keeping your workspace clutter-free and clean!


5 Simple Tricks for Keeping Your Workspace Organized + Clean


1. Do a Purge–

Let’s be honest here… Before you can become more organized at work, you have to take care of the existing clutter!

The very first thing to do in this case is to go through each item on (and inside of) your desk and ask yourself if you really need it for your job. If not, toss it out! You might be surprised how many old documents, post-it notes, and other items have been forgotten and buried beneath the chaos.

After you’ve purged your desk of unnecessary items, get organized. For some help here, refer to Episode 111 where I talk all about one of my favorite organizational methods, the Mount Vernon Method!


2. Perform a Daily Surface Wipe-Down–

Once the surface of your desk has been cleared of the clutter, one of the best things that you can to to maintain a clean workspace is by performing a daily surface wipe-down.

I recommend making it a habit as you’re gearing up to leave the office in the afternoon, but doing it once in the morning and once in the evening (especially during flu and cold season!) can be super helpful in maintaining a squeaky clean workspace and leaving you inspired to get to work!


3. Create Personal Space–

Are you someone that comes to the office and throws your purse, bag, jacket, car keys, and phone just anywhere? Nip that habit in the bud by creating a space to keep your personal items at all times during your working hours.

Not only will this help keep the clutter off of your desk, but maintaining a personal space for your phone can also help eliminate distractions while you’re working on important tasks.

Tuck those personal items in a drawer, or hang them up on a hook nearby so that you know exactly where they are when it’s time to pack up and head home at the end of the day.


4. Segment Your Desk–

If you work in an office like our studio at IWP, then chances are… You spend the majority of your day working on the computer.

But even if you spend a lot of your time electronically, it’s important that you organize your desk so that you have a designated space for non-computer work. This is where you can tackle your priority list, review documents, and read so that you can prevent undue chaos that comes by mixing your computer and non-computer work together.

If you’re someone that has office memos or documents from clients or colleagues coming in, try implementing a two-tray system and keeping that tray at one corner of your desk, separate from your computer space. Stack the trays together and maintain one tray for new documents coming in, and another for documents that have been reviewed and need to be addressed or filed.


5. Monotask–

We’ve talked about the danger and impossibility of multitasking many times before… So it probably comes as no surprise to find monotasking here on this list, right?

One of the biggest ways that we stockpile clutter on our desks is when we try to work on too many tasks at once.

When in doubt, keep it simple! Prioritize your work tasks and work on one single tasks at a time. That way, you’ll reduce the number of papers you have on your desk at once and will limit the stress you feel as a result (because remember, clutter breeds chaos, chaos leads to stress, and stress kills productivity!).


If you have any tried and true methods that you use to keep your workspace clean and organized, I would love to hear them! Share your ideas in the comments below and be sure to tune in to Episode 111 of the podcast this week to learn all about my favorite organizational method, the Mount Vernon Method, and how you can use it to start organizing absolutely anything at home or at work with ease!


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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton