Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 9th and I made your perfect gift guide! Browse inkWELL Press planners, notepads and more for the best teacher gift!

Teacher Appreciation Day: Gift Guide!

Teacher Appreciation Day is just around the corner on Tuesday, May 9th! As a former teacher, I can guarantee you that it definitely brings a smile to teacher’s faces when their students give them a little something special! Just think about how much your child’s teacher is in their lives! Eight hours a day, five days a week is a lot.

Since this day means a lot to me, and I LOVE giving the appreciated people in my life gifts, I’m sharing my inkWELL Press Gift Guide – Teacher Edition!

It was somewhat difficult to choose which IWP products to suggest, because honestly, they can ALL be used by teachers! Here are my favorite suggestions for you to have your kid(s) bring to your teacher on May 9th!


  1. A5 Quarterly Planners & IWP Post It® Note Set

Our IWP Quarterlies are perfect for teachers on the go! They run January 2017 to December 2017 and are lightweight and compact. Each Quarterly has a unique design & color scheme. Even better – they’re on sale right now for $24.00. With these Quarterlies (or any other product really!) I suggest grabbing the IWP Post It® Note Set. We teamed up with 3M – the makers of Post It® Notes and created 4 different color schemes with the inkWELL logo! Only $8.00 in our shop for 4 sets! This bundle would be great for a teacher who uses a lot of Post It® Notes, notepads and likes a little planning & organization in her life!

  1. beWELL Fitness Log & eatWELL Menu Planner

Perfect for teachers who like their healthy meals and workouts! Our fitness log has so many great features: Weekly and monthly check-ins, portion guides, 100-calorie snack charts and more. The menu planner features weekly meal plans, conversion guides, grocery lists, seasonal produce charts and once again… a lot more! Using these myself and through reading customer reviews, I can say with certainty that these planners create healthy AND fun habits. Each are $29.00 in the shop!

  1. Sewn or Hardcover Journals & IWP Accessories

Does the teacher in your child’s life like to write a lot, jot things down, etc? Our IWP Hardcover Journals come in two designs (Blue Chevron & Modern Mermaid) and have graph paper. They can be used for anything – even drawings or charts. We also have three designs for our Sewn Journals, and at only $12.00 each, they’re definitely a steal. The best thing about these is that they come with the highest quality paper and can fit almost anywhere. If you want to add a little something extra in there, take a look at our IWP Accessories. I love the colors of our stickers. They can be used for planning, journaling, or anything else a teacher may need stickers for (trust me, they’re useful!) Check out our inkWELL Greetings®, IWP Pencil Set and rulers too!

  1. Any Combination of our inkWELL Press Notepads

We have five different notepads to keep your teachers in check! Check out the Grocery List, Weekly Kickstart, Daily Docket, Daily Download and Just Start Notepad. Each notepad is used to organize, prioritize and inspire! Any combination of these notepads will be a wonderful gift for any teacher, of any age. My favorite may be the Weekly Kickstart because we use one pad for the office and another for home. If your kid’s teacher already has a planner, or if you aren’t sure what product to get, the Weekly Kickstart should be your go-to!

  1. Gift Certificate

If you’re just not sure what style, layout, colors, etc. the teacher in your life might want, the gift certificate is your perfect solution. We offer the gift certificate in several denominations, so it will always fit with your budget. They’re delivered via email too, so if you’re in a hurry and quickly need one or two (or more!) we will get those over to you even sooner than a regular shipment.


BONUS: End of the Year Teacher Gift!


The IWP liveWELL Academic Year Planner for 2017/2018!

Obviously most teachers run on the academic year/mid-year schedule, so it makes sense that many of them would use this kind of planner. We have five different cover designs (with the two coral designs exclusively in Office Depot!) and all are focused on goal-setting and productivity. For all the details, visit my blog post entirely dedicated to the NEW Academic Planners here! These will become available at 10 am on May 10th… so while Teacher Appreciation Day will have passed, you can certainly get them a liveWELL Planner as an end-of-the-year gift!

Comment below what  inkWELL Press products are your favorite! Are there journals, planners, notebooks or other things you still need to try? If you haven’t yet, look into our Referral Program here and you and your friends can save money! Happy Planning and Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton