The Best Teams Have This One Thing in Common

This week, I’m talking about cultivating partnerships on Episode 087 of Productivity Paradox, which is something that I believe is important whether it comes to the partnerships that we have at home or at work.

So today, I want to expand on that idea just a little bit and discuss one of the common traits that all of the best, most productive and supportive teams have across the board in the workplace: Respect!

Respect is vital when it comes to cultivating a solid partnership with your team members at work. It is so important, in fact, that when it exists in abundance… the benefits of it often speak for themselves. Let’s check some of those out!

5 Benefits of Respect in the Workplace—


1. Better Job Satisfaction—

According to a recent study, respectful treatment of all employees at all levels was rated as being incredibly important by at least 72% of employees surveyed, making it one of the top contributors to employee satisfaction.

Mutual respect among team members improves employee morale overall. Not only that, but treating co-workers with respect can instill confidence in them while offering encouragement to keep going when the going gets rough – and, let’s be honest, some days at work at like that!


2. Increase in Employee Engagement—

As our job satisfaction increases, so does our level of engagement in the workplace. In this case, respect is again a very powerful aspect to cultivate among your team.

When employees feel respected by their team members, they are less stressed and more likely to apply themselves to their work… And the same is true when an employee knows that their team leader(s) respect them and the job that they do!


3. Reduces Stress—

All season long, you’ve heard me talk about ways of reducing stress. Just as being respectful of your partner at home can significantly reduce the amount of stress you feel in your personal life, showing respect to your team members can also reduce the level of stress that you experience on the job!


4. Better Communication & Understanding—

One of the biggest benefits of respect in the workplace is a better understanding of your team members… and a great way to show someone that you respect them is to simply listen to what they have to say!

The best teams consistently report high levels of communication and understanding across the board. So, in order to strengthen the bond among your own team, it is important that you set the stage for open communication in the workplace. The more we communicate openly and listen to what our team members has to say, the better understanding we will have in the long-run and the easier it will be to clear and hurdles that come our way at work.


5. Increases Productivity—

What respect in the workplace essentially boils down to is an overall increase in productivity. And it is easy to see why that’s true!

The happier the employee, the more productive they are… which in turn leads to a stronger, more effective team overall.


What are some of your favorite ways to show your team members that you respect them? Share your ideas in the comments below… And tune into Episode 087 of the podcast this week where I’m discussing how to cultivate the partnerships we enjoy at home!



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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton