Why I created the liveWELL Method

Achieving your dreams starts by putting an end to the glorification of ‘busy’ and rethinking the way you prioritize your to-do list. When you put systems in place that are customized to the way YOU work, you will be better equipped to conquer overwhelm, achieve harmony, and create a life you love.

But what steps do you take to achieve this… and where do you even start?

I created the liveWELL Method virtual coaching course to answer these exact questions with a step-by-step guide to getting it done without being overwhelmed.

“How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.”

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to the concept of eating the elephant. In case you missed it, it’s when you take what’s standing in your path and break it down into bite-sized and achievable pieces.

You can apply this approach to any area of your life. Take a moment to think about what feels huge and overwhelming to you. If you can, write it down. Underneath that, jot down all of the little parts that make up this one huge, daunting area of your life.

When you look at the little parts and tackle them one-by-one, it gives you something concrete to focus on. You’ll also have many little bite-sized wins that will help build your momentum and confidence along the way. Tackling each step will bring your closer to your goal.

Your alternative (attempting to leap to your end goal without considering all of the baby steps along the way) would most likely leave you landing way off course, completely drained and unfocused.

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Conquer Overwhelm, Achieve Harmony & Create A Life You Love.

Creating productivity systems that work for you

In the liveWELL Method, you’ll learn how to avoid this so you can get on the path you want to be on… and we’ll be there to celebrate your wins along the way.

The way you eat your elephant is not the same way your neighbor, spouse, or colleague does. And that’s why the liveWELL Method is different from any other productivity course available.

Have you ever implemented a new routine that seems like it’s working? But a few weeks go by and you’ve stopped following it entirely?

Have you found yourself regretting the time and money you invested in the process because it left you feeling more overwhelm and stress?

Customizing your systems at home, work, and your personal life will set you up for success. It is OK to have systems that look different from everyone else. As long as they work for you and help you achieve your goals, that is what we are aiming for!

This is what we are going to accomplish together through the liveWELL Method course.

I am not handing you a course to fit your life around. Instead, I am handing you tools, knowledge, and support that will lay a strong foundation to build your goals upon. I have designed this course so that at the end, you will have created a customized productivity system designed to fit YOUR life.

Being able to work directly with women like you… equipping you with a blueprint to reach the level of success you desire while maintaining a happy, healthy, productive life… this is the work that feeds my soul. Most of all, I want to equip women with the tools they need to truly change their lives.

The liveWELL Method includes…

Join now and you’ll get access to 10 hours of the life changing materials and over 20 actionable downloads to help you use the power of productivity to achieve your dreams and find fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

Each lesson is like a personal meeting with me, and you’ll get even more direct access to me in the private, members-only Facebook group during our weekly LIVE coaching calls.

I know how valuable you are to others, how much you are worth to yourself, and how ready you are invest the time to achieve harmony and create the life you want. I know you are worth it!

Click here to join me in the liveWELL Method and let’s create the life you envision.

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton