new ways to achieve goals in 2020

The New Way To Set & Achieve Your Goals in 2020

With a new year and a new decade upon us, it’s only natural to be thinking about our goals and what we hope to accomplish in this season of life.

There are so many ways to approach goals, but sometimes looking at them from a new lens can make them feel less daunting and more attainable. 

As we kick off Season 13 of Productivity Paradox this week with Episode 157, we discuss creating You 2.0 (our topic all season long!) and making small adjustments that will help us get on track to who we ultimately want to be.

During our chat, we touch on what some of those small adjustments look like, what it means to be resourceful (and how we can use it to our advantage), and the SMART method to goal-setting.

We also chat about a few new ways to explore goal setting in 2020 and beyond, which is what I want to focus on here today. Because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that goal setting is one of those things where one size doesn’t fit all — and that’s okay!

Let’s take a peek at a new way to look at goal-setting that keeps you at the core of everything, instead.


The New Way to Set & Achieve Your Goals in 2020

Ask Not What You Want to Do, but How You Want to Feel –

Do you ever feel like you don’t have it all figured out just yet, that your plans could change at any moment? You’re not alone!

Too often, we struggle to set goals because we continually approach them from a doing place. I want to earn a promotion. I want to be married by the time I graduate with my master’s. I want to make X amount of money each year by the time I am X years old. 

You get the idea. We almost always try to set goals that will reap us some material reward (or, at least, the money to buy one) that it becomes a challenge to pin one down when we’re unsure of what it is we even want to “do” in the first place.

So, keeping that in mind, why not approach goal setting from a feeling place instead?

Rather than asking yourself what you want to “do” or achieve by the end of the year, try asking yourself how you want to feel instead. 

By focusing on how you want to feel, the SMART framework that I love for setting goals becomes even easier to customize to you and your lifestyle. (Head to the episode for more details!)


Remember, You Set the Course –

One important reminder here: you (and only you) can change the direction of your sails.

If you have your heart set on earning a promotion at work or moving into an entirely different field that is more in tune with your passion, then set the course, and don’t be afraid to put on your game face!

Approach your goals from a space that feels good to you (whether that’s doing-based or feeling-based) and set yourself up with an action plan that will act as your blueprint toward success.

You got this!


What are some goals you have set for yourself this year? Share some of your ideas and why you’re looking forward to achieving them in the comments below…

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton