Top 5 Tips for Creating Your Ideal Vision Board

At the beginning of this month, I challenged you to host a fun, stress-free and productive Vision Board Party in December. This is time for you and your closest friends to gather together, have some wine and appetizers, all while planning and talking out your goals and ‘vision’ for 2018!

I used to have these vision board parties with a group of good friends when I lived in Texas, and we always listened and supported one another during these parties… while also sharing a few laughs, too!

Today, I want to give you my top 5 tips for creating your ideal vision board so that you’re excited and prepared for your party this month! I’m hosting ours on December 27th, since the kids will be out of school and can join in the fun.

If you want to review the steps I suggest taking to plan out your party and the supplies you’ll need, read my blog post here. When you and your friends are sitting down together with materials and a drink in hand, use these tips to get started on your 2018 vision board!


  1. Don’t just think about your new year’s resolution: When creating your ideal vision board, make it reflect your overall personal priorities, not just your one or two resolutions for 2018. You’ll be hanging this board somewhere you can see it often (an office, bedroom, kitchen, etc.), so you’ll want it to give you inspiration about the different areas of your life – work, home and personal. You can still incorporate your new year’s resolution if you’d like. For example, if you’re planning to exercise more and eat better, glue healthy lifestyle images on your board. This can reflect a sustainable, overall lifestyle change, not just your resolution for 2018.
  2. Be intentional with your mindset: While creating your vision board, don’t think about your past or fear working towards your goals. You should be in the right state of mind with feelings of hope, optimism, intention and curiosity. You’ll also want to exude these feelings towards your guests during the party, too. If you all have a positive mindset, your vision boards will reflect that and inspire those feelings in the year to come.
  3. Use a mixture of words, images and textures: You’ll want your vision board to reflect your personality! Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Use words from magazines, poems, books, quotes, or even your own hand writing. Your images can also be from magazines, books, photos, drawings, sketches, etc. Create texture in your vision board using these elements from different sources, and even give your board a “3D” look by having some pieces hang off or pop out. Your board should give you a fun, inspiring feeling that is also interesting to look at.
  4. Assess your vision board periodically: As the year goes by (or however long you have your vision board hanging – it could be longer!), take a look at your board not just for inspiration, but also to assess if what’s on your board is still what YOU want. Does your board reflect your goals and dreams and personality after three months? After six or more months? It’s OK to change it up and tweak your goals or plans. If things change, you can add or takeaway and replace items on your vision board… or even create a new one!
  5. Actually take action: This is one of my most important tips to give, because just making a vision board won’t magically make things happen. I talked about analysis paralysis in episode 043 of my podcast and how that holds people back from actually taking a small step forward (definitely listen to that episode if you think this is you!). Your vision board should inspire you to create an action plan and make moves. Make a priority list, use your goal setting planner, communicate your ideas and passions with friends you trust and learn how to take the smallest steps to build your motivation. I know you can do this!


If you follow these 5 tips for creating your own vision board, I know you’ll feel more prepared AND excited for 2018! I’d love for you to share pictures of your vision board or your party with me on social media! Tag me with @inkwellpress on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so I can follow along as you accomplish amazing things!

If you’re liking these monthly challenges, let me know! Comment on this post and tell me what your 2018 goals and ‘visions’ are.

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton