5 Steps to Transforming Your Productivity + 7 Day Meditation Challenge!

You may have heard me talk about meditations, mindfulness and being intentional on the podcast and in blog posts before, and that’s because I truly believe in this behavior and mindset.

So, as we’re nearing the end of season 5, I dedicated episode 064: Transform Your Productivity Through Mindfulness to this topic. I  talked all about how being intentional with our time and energy can make a big difference. I want to help you get started with this, and we can do that together in a few ways.

First, let’s go over my 5 simple and easy ways you can start investing in yourself. You don’t have to do all five right away, either. Just choose one or two to integrate into your daily/weekly routine and you’ll be surprised how great it will make you feel!


5 Easy Ways to Invest in You


1. Look for Learning Opportunities

Just because you’re not in school, it doesn’t mean you should stop learning and, even if you are at school, it doesn’t mean you can’t extend your learning into things that truly interest you. Make time for continued development – you can attend seminars, conferences, watch webinars and network with others who share similar interests. Something as simple as checking out a book from your library on a topic you’re passionate about is a great step!


2. Reading + Keeping up with current events

Many successful people attribute reading to helping them develop. Bill Gates, Stephen King, Oprah Winfrey, are all avid readers and make time in their daily schedule to read. Join a bookclub or sign up for newsletters that will motivate you!

According to research conducted at the University of Sussex, reading gave the best return on reducing stress levels by 68% after just reading six minutes. I don’t know about you, but a six-minute investment to reduce my stress that much, that’s something I’m really interested in doing.


3. Write

Even for just 5 minutes, you can attempt to write daily or a few times per week to start. Writing can be very therapeutic and improve your communication and creativity. It can be as simple as keeping a journal to help you really integrate writing into your daily life, and you don’t have to write long. Five minutes is plenty of time.


4. Develop new skills

Make learning a lifetime goal and process. You could learn a new language. Take an art class. Get a certification or an extra degree. It’s really up to you.

I’m a part of a foundation from my local community college, and I believe community colleges are one of the most underutilized resources in any community. The amount of classes and continuing education they offer is astounding and, generally, at really good prices. You can find classes on cooking to technology to honing in your business skills in areas like marketing. Make time to develop these new skills you learn and allow them the space to grow, because learning new skills encourages your creative thinking.


5. Make time for your health

This means both physically and mentally. We often feel like we don’t have the time, so make sure to create a plan that you have in place to preserve your mindset when you have stressful times, and build in breaks that incorporate your health into your regular schedule. Some find that exercising during their lunch time works best, especially during busy seasons. Or you can try finding a friend that likes to do some of the same workouts as you – that way you’ll be accountable AND have fun. Take a look at your schedule and see what will work best for your time, your family and your needs.



Lastly, I want to give you something that will help you get started, stay motivated and keep a mindful and calming feeling as we begin to invest in our future selves.

I have a free download for you… the 7 Day Meditation Challenge – and it’s part of our April Monthly Challenge, too! It’s easy, just like these 5 tips I gave you. It’s just a 7 day challenge, and that’s totally doable for this month, right? You can adjust the days or times in the worksheet that works for you. If you’d like to meditate for longer than 3 minutes, which is where I’m suggest you can begin, that’s great!

This worksheet is ideal for beginners or those who want to up their meditating routine or get back in it. You may have thought that meditating is unnecessary or aren’t sure how to begin, but trust me, I feel so much better when I begin my mornings by doing this. For even more assistance, download the Headspace app. It’s great for anyone interested in being mindful and meditation!


What’s Next?

There’s just two things I encourage you to do this month. Choose at least one of the 5 easy tips I gave you for investing in yourself, and second, download your 7 Day Meditation Challenge HERE and see how you feel after just a few days.

Tell me in the comments below – have you ever meditated before? Are you currently? Share some of your own tips for being intentional and mindful with your time and energy! For even more tips from me, you can listen to episode 064 of Productivity Paradox!

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