Tips to stop working on the weekends and start focusing on your priorities, goals, family and friends

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend

Aren’t we all a little tired of ending our weekend and wondering (once again) where it went? Where did our time go? Why did we work during the weekend when we wanted to just spend time with the family? Why didn’t I focus on my priorities?

Let’s stop letting our weekends get away from us. I think a lot of the reason this happens is because we are still in work mode on the weekends. Especially for a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s hard to completely step away for a couple of days. I want to help with that, because I definitely struggle with this too, but I use a few tips and tactics for combating working during the weekend when I really need to get other things done.

We want to be productive: work on household tasks, spend time with family and go on a picnic, see friends we don’t get together with often and just do fun and productive things on the weekend. This is how you can start doing more of those good things and let go of working so much. PLUS – I’m giving you another free download: The Weekend Bucket List. This will help you to make the  most of your weekend… every weekend!


Why You Need to Make the Most of Your Weekend


We really need to make sure that we’re giving our bodies the time off it needs, and you can’t do that if you’re almost always working on the weekends. We often say that we’re going to rest when we have a vacation, but vacation is really only temporary. Studies show that the benefits of vacation actually fade within two to four weeks, which suggests the importance of regularly taking a break from work on the weekends.

Why do our bodies need time off? Our brains need a break. It needs room to play. Work is obviously very brain oriented, and just like any other muscle, you need to give it a break for a few days. When you’re relaxing, your brain doesn’t stop working altogether, but the downtime does replenish its attention span. It encourages productivity and creativity.

Not thinking about work can actually help you solve some of your problems. Our brains get the best ideas when we’re relaxed and when it’s releasing dopamine, which is triggered by things like exercise, listening to music, taking a warm shower, etc. It’s really important to give your brain a break. Your health overall is really important, and high stress from working all the time can result in so many different health issues.

Even more, the significant people in your life need time with you. You need a supportive partner at your side, but if you’re not supportive back, they’re not likely to stick around and be supportive for much longer. Studies actually show that having a conscientious partner not only pushes you to career success, but it also keeps life outside of work operating smoothly. Social connection is one of the greatest predictors of happiness.


Top 5 Tips for Cutting Back on Working Through the Weekend


    • Take back your Fridays: Take care of tasks and anything else that will get you ready for Monday. Use Friday to ease into your weekend. Listen to Episode 025 to get the best tips on exactly what to do every Friday to set yourself up for success.
    • Create pre-written texts/emails: For times when your boss or co-workers contact you on weekends, you’ll have already written out responses and will be able to hit send with only a few modifications to the message. This sets boundaries and trains people to know when you’re available.
    • Enlist the help of your family: Have your family and friends keep you accountable. Ask them remind you that you’re not supposed to be working on the weekends if they see you replying to emails, texts, etc.
    • Keep a running to-do list: As you go through your weekend and have ideas pop into your head or remember things you need to get done for work, simply write them down in a notepad, planner or piece of paper so that you don’t forget and can revisit on Monday.
    • Remember what it’s all for: Stop borrowing from today to make tomorrow great. We tell ourselves, “If I work hard now, I’ll get to enjoy myself eventually. I’m going to work like a dog for these first 10 years, and then I’m really going to enjoy myself after that.” I want to encourage you to enjoy the moment you’re in.

What’s Next?


As you’re heading into this weekend, I hope you’ll really take these tips to heart and see if you need to implement them so you can make your weekend matter. Use your weekend for yourself, your family and some fun activities you wouldn’t otherwise get to do during the week. I talk all about this in episode 026, so if you need more details and suggestions for how to handle yourself in work mode on the weekends, have a listen!

Also listen to episode 025 of the podcast for some really good ideas of how you should be spending your Fridays, allowing you to ease into the weekend while also being prepared for Monday. These ideas will make you feel like you even have Fridays OFF of work while still being productive.

Get your FREE Weekend Bucket List download so you can keep up with how you spend your weekend and to gather ideas for new ways, too. Just fill out the pop-up form on this page to have your download sent right to your email! Happy planning!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton