Why Wasting Time Can Be a Good Thing

When we have a big dream, it can be a challenge to have to wait before having the chance to pursue it actively. But sometimes, it’s necessary. 

Maybe the timing isn’t right; perhaps you aren’t financially ready. Whatever the reason, there’s a silver lining to waiting.

That’s what I chat about with Tyanna, my guest on Episode 148 of Productivity Paradox this week. 

Tyanna is a wife to a retired army infantry soldier who is currently going back to school, and she is working to support him in his big dream while raising their two-year-old daughter. But she also has a dream of her own that she has put on hold for the time being.

During our conversation, we discuss how to choose a timeframe for when you’ll be ready to leap and how to find hidden pockets in your day to work on tasks that will help you reach your bigger goal. 

I also dive into the concept of reframing it from waiting time into preparation time and using that time to start building the foundation for success.

Today, I want to touch on this idea of waiting to start in on our big dreams, because I do think that there is some benefit to it that we don’t always realize.

So without further ado, let’s take a peek at three of my favorite reasons to waste a little bit of time before digging in on those big goals you have in mind for your future. 


3 Reasons to Waste Time

It Allows You to Prepare — 

One of the great things about the slower seasons of life is that they give us time to prepare for what’s coming around the bend.

If you find yourself having to hold off on chasing down a dream you have in mind, don’t fret! 

Instead of looking at having to wait as a stumbling block, try to view it as an opportunity to really get your feet on the ground when it comes to your dream. Look at it as an opportunity to prepare yourself for what’s ahead!

If you want to start your own business, for example, how can you use your waiting period to your advantage? 

Think of all of the small steps that need to be accomplished before the business can get off of the ground, things like registering your business name, making connections, and so on.

Whether you can only devote an hour or two each week bringing your dream to light, use the time you have to your advantage by taking preparatory steps to get ahead of your own game. 


It Allows You to Recharge —

Here’s something that we don’t always consider: the more relaxed (comfortable) we are, the more confident we feel when it’s time to go after our goals.

Rather than looking at the time that you have to wait as a disadvantage, reframe it.

View it as a period that will allow you to do the internal work that needs to be done before you can fully commit yourself to your big goals.

We talk about how important self-care is in a world that (too often) mandates that we keep ourselves busy day in and day out, so why not view the lull that you have before your dreams take off as an opportunity to get your self-care routines down pat?

Embrace the bit of reprieve you have before the time comes for you to do the deep, focused work toward your goals. 

Once your waiting period is over, you’ll have the tools you need to help you take a step back and breathe when the journey to achieving your goals gets rough.

It Boosts Your Creativity —

I am sure that we have discussed this idea before at one point or another, but regardless: did you know that the calmer you are, the more creative you often are as well? It’s true!

When we aren’t continually bogging ourselves down with (often mundane) task after task, we feel more relaxed. And when we’re more comfortable, our creative mind has a significant opportunity to take off.

So, maybe you have to wait before you can dive into your big goals, but so what? Use whatever time you have to your advantage by diving into your more creative side.

If you’re starting a product-based business, maybe your waiting period could be used to brainstorm and design the products you’ll offer. Or perhaps you can figure out what your business might look like day-to-day (i.e., the team you’ll have on your side, what your office space might look like, and so on).

Just because you aren’t investing all of your energy into your big dream doesn’t mean that nothing is happening with it behind the scenes


What have you had to put on hold until the time was right to dive in deep? Share your experiences in dealing with the waiting period in the comments below . . . 

And tune in to Episode 148 of the podcast to hear more about Tyanna’s story, and some of the tools that we discuss to help her reframe the waiting period that she finds herself in right now!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton