celebrate your wins and success at work

Why You Need to Celebrate Your Wins at Work

As you’re plowing through your tasks each week, how often do you take time out of your busy schedule to celebrate your wins along the way?

This is an important question to ask from time to time, because believe it or not… celebrating your achievements (big or small) has huge implications on how likely you’ll be to witness repeated success in the future.

While we’re beginning a long conversation about setting goals over on Episode 098 of the podcast this week, I wanted to shift our discussion here just a bit so that we can be sure to touch on an important part of goal setting: the celebration after the achievement, and what makes it so important.

Because you know what? Celebrating the small steps that we take in the pursuit of our goals is often where we can find our biggest bursts of motivation to keep going in the first place!


3 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wins


1. Celebrating Shifts Your Perspective

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of shifting our perspective, particularly during those moments when we’re struggling to find the motivation to tackle some of the most mundane tasks on our list… or when it comes time to take that first (daunting) step toward a goal we’re unfamiliar with.

As human beings, we are driven (or limited) by our psychology—how we feel when we set out to accomplish a task or a big goal, and how we feel after it’s all said and done.

When we fail to celebrate the wins that we experience after devoting focused time on a specific task, we are essentially training our brain that what we’re doing is insignificant in the long-term scope of things… and consequently, not at all exciting. As a result, we begin to meet each day as if every single day of our working lives Is insignificant and boring—and our productivity and motivation fall to the wayside.

Here’s a fun fact, though: Celebrating your achievements at work has actually shown to change the way in which your brain responds to all of the more mundane aspects of your day!

When we make it a point to celebrate even the smallest of wins at the office, endorphins are released inside of our body and we experience a bout of euphoria as a result. Naturally, when we fail to acknowledge our successes, we rob ourselves of this euphoric feeling that reinforces our achievement.

That being said… I encourage you to celebrate any wins you experience in your working day, big or small. If you’ve crossed a smaller item off of your list, wonderful! Celebrate it, because all of those ‘small wins’ ultimately lead to the accomplishment of something bigger… and it’s important to view any achievement as a milestone along your journey.

The more you celebrate, the easier it is for your brain to get into the habit of viewing your work as more than just routine. And as you make celebrating your successes a habit, the more motivation you’ll experience, and the more productive you’ll be in the pursuit of your goals overall.


2. Celebrating Tightens Your Network

Now, when we say celebrate, we aren’t necessarily talking about the celebration that you might equate with throwing a party (but if that helps you, then by all means—you do you!). You can easily reap some of the physiological and psychology benefits in simply acknowledging your wins by writing in a journal, or with close friends and family.

But, it might be helpful to note that there are some added benefits to including your colleagues or business partners in your journey.

When you celebrate your achievements, you have the opportunity to also expand and strengthen your business network with those around you! Think about how joyful we feel at birthday parties and other celebrations (even as guests) … it’s kind of contagious, right?

Naturally, when there is a cause to celebrate, we are drawn to those around us to share in the euphoria of the experience.

It works the same way when we celebrate our achievements with colleagues in the office. As your accomplishments are highlighted, new ideas and opportunities are given a chance to come to fruition. We feel that we can accomplish anything that we set out to when we’re at a peak state of celebration (remember: endorphins), and those good vibes are often what lend us ways to collaborate and strengthen our network of achievers.


3. Your Celebrations Attracts More Success

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or put yourself on the map as an expert in your specific field of work, celebratory events can not only reinforce the positive aspects of what you’re doing, but they can also position your business (or yourself) as something with which others would like to be associated with.

Think of it this way: Perception becomes reality.

As we celebrate our wins, others naturally will want to look for ways to participate in what we have built successfully.  So, the more we celebrate, the more we open ourselves up to continued success (and a successful reputation) in the future. It’s that simple!


When was the last time you celebrated your achievements at work? Share what you did to give yourself a boost in the comments below… And be sure to tune in to Episode 098 of Productivity Paradox this week to join me as we kickoff our discussion about identifying goals–and how to set them!



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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton