006: The Power of Priorities

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006: The Power of Priorities

Let’s rethink the to-do list. Today’s episode is about finding a method to prioritize your daily tasks to help you focus on the tasks that are truly important to you and your goals. I’ll be sharing my method to help sort your daily tasks and helping you take real steps toward achieving your goals by working on your priorities.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Learn the definition of overwhelm and how to tackle it.
  • Understand the two questions you can ask to help you focus on priorities.
  • How a technique developed in WWI can apply to our daily lives.
  • Discover how the Eisenhower Matrix can streamline your days.
  • Understand the difference between urgent and important tasks

What To Do Next:

  • Look through the definitions and examples of the priority levels in the Resources and Links section.
  • Use the priority levels to write out your to-do list for the week.

Resources and Links

  • Priority One: Important and Urgent
    • You don’t want to spend all your time here because you’re working from an urgent, defensive place.
    • Examples might be a term paper with an eminent deadline, an email from your boss that requires you to work quickly on changes to a project, or your car breaking down.
  • Priority Two: Important and Non Urgent
    • This is where you want to spend the majority of your time. These are tasks that are important because they work towards fulfilling your long term goals or your mission and they don’t have a pressing deadline.
    • Examples of priority two tasks include creating a budget plan, taking a course to improve yourself, working on long-term projects.
  • Priority Three: Unimportant and Urgent
    • We want to spend as little time as possible in this tier. These tasks are still loud and urgent to finish but they don’t really help you focus on your mission or end goals.
    • Examples are phone calls, probably the majority of the emails you receive, and volunteering or being pressured to accept a project that doesn’t align with your goals.
  • Priority Four: Unimportant and Non Urgent
    • These are time wasters. I don’t even bother to write these things down because that in itself would be a waste of time.
    • Examples include checking social media, binge watching TV, surfing the web.
    • We all do these things but if we’re not careful they could be taking time away from working on our goals. Instead of mindlessly doing these things schedule some down time to make sure you’re in control of where your time goes.

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Easy system for prioritizing your daily tasks on your to do list to help you focus on your goals.

Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton